A Mom Uses One Simple Trick to Diffuse Her Child’s Tantrum, and It Works So Well It’s Gone Viral

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11 months ago

Are your little ones turning into mini-tantrum tornadoes? Well, have no fear because there’s a smart hack to restore peace and giggles to your home! Thanks to Alivia Cromartie, a mom who came up with a simple and fun solution to stop the screams and tears. So, say goodbye to tantrums and hello to endless giggles with this high-speed hack.

The video

An American mom, Alivia Cromartie, has broken the internet with her clever parenting hack. In her Instagram video, which has gone viral, Alivia claims that this technique “Works every time!” And she seems to be right as her young daughter goes from tears to smiles within a matter of seconds, thanks to her genius momming.

Her trick to stop any tantrum

The secret to calming a toddler and diffusing their tantrum is to have the “zoomies” around the child, i.e., run energetically in circles around them. As Alivia says herself in the video caption: “This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of a meltdown... zoomies!” Her daughter instantly becomes distracted and can’t stop watching her mom.

At the beginning of the video, we see her daughter looking distressed and crying while Alivia starts to run around her. As she continues running in circles, her daughter stops crying and watches her mom with a smile, and Alivia sometimes surprises her by jumping over her head. Ultimately, the tantrum is forgotten, and tears become smiles as they cuddle.

Of course, parents sharing their tips and tricks with the world to help each other diffuse difficult situations is nothing new. But many of them are very useful, especially for first-time parents.


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