Parents Shared 6 Life-Saving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Tons Easier

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3 years ago

When you become a parent, you start finding yourself in situations where you feel totally helpless, even though your opponent is only 2 years old. You wish there was a magical “mute” or “repair the baby” button, but, unfortunately, those don’t exist.

Still, here at Bright Side, we have your back. We’ve collected some really cool tricks that will change your life as a parent once and forever.

1. A hack to stop a child’s tantrum over toys in stores

Kristina Watts, a mom of 3, shared her hack on the Internet. If your child throws a tantrum over some toy they can’t live without that you don’t wanna buy, just tell your child to take a photo with the toy.

Say that you’re going to send the photo to Santa, so that he knows what to get your child. Kristina says that this trick works wonders, especially during the Christmas season. The child picks up the toy, happily poses for the picture, and then calmly puts the toy back. Later, they just forget about the toy.

But, of course, you could actually send these photos to Santas like grandpas and grandmas, uncles and aunts, or friends. But no matter what you do, the point is that the trick worked.

2. Make a chart to make a picky eater eat.

There’s a fun way to make your picky eater try new food. Make a chart together, where you write down every new dish your child will try. After the meal, the child can evaluate it, give it a score, and put a happy or a sad sticker on the chart for every meal.

Every week, if your child eats all their meals, you can award them with a medal that can be exchanged for a little gift or a fun activity. You can also pick out their meals together, and your child will tell you what he or she wants to try.

3. A trick to make a child stop crying

Turn it into a game. Watch them crying for a little while, then say it’s your turn now and start crying too. Then stop and say to your baby that now it’s their turn again. Your child probably won’t like the game and say that they don’t want to do it. If they start weeping, encourage them. Then, say it’s your turn again and start crying, passing the turn to the baby afterward. The baby will almost certainly refuse to do it and will end the show.

Watch the video a dad posted to see how it works wonders.

4. An easier way to put your child into a shopping cart

Turns out, there’s a way easier way to put your child in a shopping cart than actually lifting them up every time. That the back panel of a cart can be lifted. You simply lift it up, and the child crawls inside on their own.

5. Make car trips safer.

Turns out, it’s often the case that after a road accident, the parents are unconscious and firefighters find a child. They have no information about a child or their medical conditions and can’t ask anyone. Take several minutes of your time and stick an index card with information to the child’s car seat. Write the child’s name, birthday, parent’s names, and emergency contacts, mention medical conditions, the child’s doctor, the meds your child is taking, and anything else that is important. This could help out a lot and can save your child’s life.

6. What to do to calm a child down

This trick was often used by Princess Diana and is now used by Prince William. Whenever kids feel uncomfortable, just get down on their level to talk to them or say more encouraging words. The point is to get down to the same level with your child and stay in this position until the child feels better.

Do you know any useful tricks that have saved you several times? Please share them in the comments, maybe you can make another parent’s life easier.


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