An Illustrator Shares the Reality of Living With a Pug, and It’s So Relatable, Every Dog Mom Will Agree

3 years ago

The bond with your pet is almost unbreakable. And Spanish illustrator Gemma Gené, who is the proud parent of a pug named Mochi, knows this for sure. She started drawing her adorable pooch while going to work on the subway in 2014, because she missed him, and now Gemma has over 342k followers who adore Mochi and know the habits of this pup like it’s their own pet.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered the cutest illustrations, so you can take a look and count how many pics you’ll recognize your pet in.

1. I’m sorry Mochi.

2. “I am very lucky to have my own bodyguard.”

3. Did somebody say “treat”?

4. I can’t remember what it’s like to be in the bathroom alone.

5. True story

6. Mochi: *exists* Me: *Dies of love*

7. A little snoring angel

8. Thankfully Mochi has solid anti-toddler kidnapper protection, his weight!

9. “My favorite thing in the world is when I look at Mochi and I realize he is starting at me.”

10. When you work from home:

11. The head thing is adorable!

12. Every single Zoom call

13. Here’s how you fix a bad day.

14. When Mochi got a ramp to get on the bed, it created a lot of confusion.

15. Hello, handsome!

16. Mochi has a weird understanding of what alone means.

17. And for this very reason, this comic took forever to make.

18. Always ready for any adventure!

19. This is the real reason why I don’t work in an office anymore.

What are the situations from your life that you would turn into comics? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

Preview photo credit 157ofgemma / instagram


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So funny. But my dog.... HE ALWAYS LICK ME! but i stiiiiiiiiiill love him:)


Oh man I always wanted a pug until my friend got one... they are something else 😂😂


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