12 Things That Prove Today’s Generation Comes From a Different Galaxy

year ago

Fashion changes every day. Sometimes it takes years for things to change a little, but we only realize it when we meet older or younger people who have very different points of view. We can see the change in perceptions over time by looking at the things that were popular in each generation.

At Bright Side, we found things that mark the difference between life now and a few years ago.

1. People no longer want to have numerous children.

2. Games are no longer the same.

3. We no longer have to wait a long time to see our photos.

4. We can now order products over the Internet.

5. Wants and needs change.

6. Limits are breaking down.

7. Calls are now in video.

8. Messages are almost instantaneous.

9. Some toys are already automatic.

10. Finding information is faster.

11. Traffic is always changing.

12. There’s no need to wait for the next episode.

What are the most noticeable differences between how you live your life now and how your parents lived theirs at your age?


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