13 Mistakes Professionals Want Us to Stop Making

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2 years ago

According to statistics, people change their jobs very frequently nowadays: on average, a person stays with one employer for a little more than 4 years (for young people, this number is even smaller). This means that we have to adapt and always learn about the professions of the people around us. Getting to know the insider information about other jobs is not only interesting, but it can be very useful too.

We at Bright Side found some information that people with different occupations shared, and we’re glad to pass their pro-tips on to you.

1. Hairdressers

Professional hairdressers recommend that you avoid sitting with your legs crossed while getting a haircut — this affects your posture and might lead to an uneven haircut. What’s more, it’s not a good idea to wear a hoodie or a turtleneck because they get in the way when the person is trying to cut or color your hair.

2. Chefs

One of the most common mistakes in cooking, according to pro chefs, is using oil that’s not hot enough. In this case, the food soaks up the oil and this ruins its taste. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can solve the problem safely by simply using a wooden spoon: stick one end in the pan. If you see bubbles forming and floating up, it’s ready for cooking.

3. Laundry workers

Turns out, jeans need to be washed much less than one might think, compared to other clothes. Frequent washing will make them tear sooner, so do it once every 6 weeks or even more infrequently. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen. If you’re concerned about bacteria or the smell — put your jeans in the freezer overnight.

4. FDA inspectors

We all probably know the rule around not putting hot or even warm food in the fridge and that we should let it cool first, but this is actually a myth. Food safety experts say that this might take too much time: they don’t recommend keeping food at room temperature for longer than 2 hours.

5. Plumbers

Turns out, that having just one plunger at home isn’t enough: we need a separate one for the sinks. Plumbers suggest getting a cup-shaped plunger for the flat drains (in sinks and showers).

6. Housekeepers

Professional housekeepers revealed that they don’t really use specialized cleaning products for different surfaces. The only ones that you need are a disinfecting all-purpose cleaner, a disinfecting cleaner for tough spots in the kitchen and bathroom, and a floor cleaner.

7. Mechanics

Ignoring the necessity to fix something in your car is not only dangerous but might also be costly if, by the time we get around to doing the maintenance, the problem has grown into a bigger one. In this regard, technicians advise paying special attention to the liquids in your car: change the oil on time (at least every 5,000-7,500 miles), but also other fluids too. For example, brake fluid should be changed every 4-5 years.

8. Florists

Florists warn us against keeping our houseplants next to each other. If you have a great window with a perfect amount of sunshine, it doesn’t guarantee that your plants will thrive there. Just like people, they need space, and different species living in the same plant display could create a suffocating effect.

9. Dentists

When it comes to dental health, sometimes less is more. This is the case for mouthwash, for sure: dentists say using it too often might harm you. For example, if the one you’re using has an antibacterial effect, it can kill the good bacteria in your mouth along with harmful bacteria. In general, it’s better to consult a doctor before starting to use mouthwash.

10. Wedding planners

Weddings can be extremely expensive, that’s why it’s important to avoid the mistakes that can make your special day even more costly. Wedding planners say it’s a good idea to use silk flowers instead of fresh ones, or at least a combination of both. What’s more, make sure your invitations are rectangular and not square. The latter is considered an odd size and the post office will charge you more.

11. Personal finance experts

Financial gurus believe it’s a mistake to treat money as a taboo topic to discuss with your kids. They even advise involving them in the budgeting process, especially if your child has spending problems. This way they will understand how much labor goes into providing for a family, and it will probably allow them to deal with finances a little easier, on their own, in the future.

12. Interior designers

While choosing colors for home decor is a matter of taste and depends on the space you have, the lighting, etc. there are still things you can learn from interior designers that work most of the time. For example, in order not to buy paint in a color you’ll hate in 3 weeks, experts suggest turning to these 3 shades: grey-blue, bright yellow, and deep aubergine.

13. Flight attendants

If you’re prone to suffering from jet lag, tips from flight attendants will probably come in handy. In order to get adjusted easier, they suggest drinking plenty of water both before and during the flight. They also take naps before and after they cross several time zones. Mindset is also crucial, so try not to think about what time it is at home.

What tips from your occupation can you share with us?

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