Marsha Elle, the Bionic Model, Learned to Love Her Body, and Here’s How She’s Breaking Society’s Stereotypes

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Marsha Elle became an amputee shortly after birth because of a rare condition called PPFD. The singer-songwriter, bionic model, and speaker has one goal: “to deliver the message of hope through music.” In a world where public image is everything, Marsha’s insecurities led her to believe the world would not accept her gift. Despite this, she kept her head up and overcame her fears, all while encouraging others to be themselves.

Marsha Elle’s childhood was not an easy ride.

Back when she was in school, Marsha Elle would hide out in the hallway and be late to class in an effort to avoid her peers’ hurtful messages and judging eyes. The kids would ask questions, like, “Why do you walk like that?” And it wasn’t just their words that made her feel insecure, it was also that she knew, despite everything, she was doing her best, and it wasn’t enough.

She would wear long jackets on hot summer days to hide her prosthetic. It took Marsha some time to understand that doing her best was more than enough. Today, she proudly struts down runways, models for different clothing brands, and turns her struggles into music.

She took her own experience and became an example for others.

As a young girl, Marsha Elle struggled to see models who looked like her. To address this, she took matters into her own hands and became the very role model she needed. She receives numerous messages of support from those who relate to her story, which further encourages her to face her fears and insecurities with bravery and confidence.

Music keeps her going when other things bring her down.

Marsha’s first encounter with other amputees her own age was life-changing. Feeling inspired, she wrote her song, Unlimbted, crediting music as the saving grace that kept her spirits high and hopeful. Now, through her music, Marsha Elle spreads her message of hope to others.

Marsha Elle is thankful for her body every single day.

Marsha embraces her body’s resilience, allowing her to engage in a variety of activities, like climbing and hiking. She’s always seeking new experiences due to her spontaneous nature. She’s the type of person who, in order to overcome her fear of heights, books a ski trip. As she puts it, “The only way to overcome a fear is to confront it head-on.”

The vocalist believes that disability opens up many possibilities. She proudly identifies as someone with “diverse ability,” a term she coined herself to reflect the various abilities she possesses. In her words, “I can do everything.”

She went viral at the 2022 Miami Swim Week.

61.7 million people watched the video of Marsha Elle strutting down the runway, an endeavor followed by thousands of positive reactions, applauding her strength. Representing amputees without a voice or that are afraid to be themselves, the bionic model inspires everyone to be brave. Watch the video below.

Who inspires you on a daily basis? What is something about yourself that you didn’t like when you were younger, but grew to love?


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