A Grandma Spent Her LIFE SAVINGS to Tattoo Her Body Despite Critics Saying She Is Too Old

10 months ago

Kerstin Tristan, a 56-year-old woman, has all her body covered in tattoos. But to get to this point, she had to spend all her lifetime savings — an incredible amount of money.

Meet Kerstin Tristan. She’s 56, a mother and grandmother. But what strikes us the most when first looking at her is that all of her body is covered in tattoos. And what she spent to get to that is incredible.

It’s funny, but Kerstin said that she first hated tattoos. Everything changed after she got her first one in 2015. Now, with tattoos of flowers, birds, and other animals, she’s happy with what she sees. “I simply just wanted to try something new. We all live just once, and I thought that at my age, something real has to come,” she said.

Since 2015, she spent over 30,000 euros on her body art but, luckily for her, her venture had good consequences. She now has 190,000 followers on Instagram and over a million people check her videos on TikTok.

Heavily tattooed or not, the truth is that we are free to choose how we want to present to people. And Kerstin isn’t the only one who chose to rock tattoos over her body. In fact, there are a lot of celebrities who also decide to ink their skin — but sometimes they cover them with clothes or even make-up.


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