A Japanese Mom Turns Her Twins’ Nap Time Into Awesome Adventures, and It’s Better Than Your Favorite Sitcom

4 years ago

An Instagram account can make you or break you these days. And it works out for talented makeup artists, video producers, and models. But we don’t think this talented photographer and mother of twins had any idea how popular her children’s sleep time would become. But we guess this is what happens when adorable kids, a creative mom, and Instagram come together.

We at Bright Side were stunned by this photographer mom’s ability to pose her beautiful twins and a bunch of pillows in a way that creates photography gold.

1. They saved their veggies for this giraffe.

2. Cooperation is key.

3. We are late!

4. They are good friends in every single way.

5. Baby birds

6. They’ve always wanted bunk beds.

7. Surprise! Watermelon time!

8. Having a twin is like looking in the mirror!

9. Children are all love.

10. They’ve started swimming in kindergarten, and mom’s OK with it!

11. A fishing trip is always better with your sister.

12. Their relationship is sometimes like the bull and the bullfighter...

13. One twin works hard, the other spends hard.

14. Finding an acorn is priceless for children... and squirrels.

15. You’re never too young to learn physics.

16. Flower children — from the 60s to today

17. Ice cream anyone?

18. Who believes in ghosts?

19. We all participate in Christmas in different ways.

20. Go team!

21. We’re taking a nap in the clouds.

22. Stay happy and healthy!

23. If Mommy needs some help — we’re there!

24. They really love bowling. Maybe not the way you and I do.

Which one of these made you squeal with appreciation for her sweetness and creativity? Be sure to share your thoughts and your own sweet pictures in the comment section below. Maybe you are our next mom-star?


I loved her creativity, all the photos are really professional-made! The only thing the kids aren't actually "napping", but it's fine :D
Would you guys like to participate in such creative photo session?

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