A Little Australian Possum Walked Into a Girl’s Office and Brightened Up the Workday of Every Twitter User

4 years ago

“I walked into my office and thought that someone must have broken in because it looked trashed...” While this sounds like the beginning of a crime story with tons of investigation and the search for a culprit, the reality turned out to be more amusing.

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This lovely Australian possum was caught red-handed. When it was found, this animal was hiding behind the computer and looked a little bit lost. Well, it’s not really surprising when you crash through the ceiling of someone’s office and have to cancel all your important appointments because you can’t find a way out.

This possum was actually lucky though, because he fell into the office of a person who gave him some water and asked for help from a wildlife rescue group. The rescue team brought a little possum box and fresh fruit and waited for him to decide to go into the box so he could be relocated.

But it seems that the possum considered the office to be a pretty nice spot, because he showed no interest at all in the alternative accommodation that was provided.

People fell in love with this story and ended up sharing a lot of funny memes in the comments:

What does the face of this sweet creature make you think about?


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