A Photographer Shows Differences Between North and South Korea, and They Are Impressive

9 months ago

In 1945, Korea was divided into South Korea and North Korea. For more than 70 years, relations between these 2 countries have been rather tense. It was only recently that Korean leaders managed to conduct a productive summit (September 18-19, 2018) during which they agreed on a number of united activities to help the countries to regain their bonds.

Despite the fact that communist North Korea and democratic South Korea are neighbors, the life in these 2 countries is totally different. Photographer Ed Jones decided to capture it and show to the rest of the world. In the photos you can see that clothes, interiors, and environments are more modern in South Korea. But the soul of these people is definitely the same.

Bright Side was impressed by these photos and wants you to see them as well.

1. A visitor at the North Korean Munsu Water Park (Pyongyang) and her South Korean counterpart at the Caribbean Bay Water Park (Seoul)

2. Gas station workers in North and South Korea

3. A North Korean tour guide on top of Tower of the Juche Idea (Pyongyang) and her South Korean counterpart on the view deck of 63 Building (Seoul)

4. A 23-year-old student from North Korea in the city square in Pyongyang and a 24-year-old student from South Korea in Seongdong-gu district of Seoul

5. Shoppers in a supermarket in North Korea (Pyongyang) and South Korea (Seoul)

6. A North Korean driver of a tourist boat (Taedong River in Pyongyang) and his South Korean counterpart (Han River in Seoul)

7. A farmer from North Korea with a backdrop of ginseng plantations and a farmer from South Korea

8. A North Korean factory worker in Wonsan and her South Korean colleague in Chuncheon

10. A North Korean girl in a computer class at a Sci-tech Center (Pyongyang) and a South Korean student in a computer class in Yonsei University (Seoul)

11. A Munsu Water Park employee in Pyongyang and a lifeguard at the South Korean One Mount Water Park

12. A North Korean factory worker producing dental equipment in Pyongyang and a South Korean factory worker producing packaging materials in Chuncheon

13. A 9-year-old schoolgirl from North Korea celebrating Children’s Day in Pyongyang and a 10-year-old girl from South Korea at Seoul Fashion Week

Have you been to South or North Korea, or maybe both? If so, tell us about differences that you noticed in these 2 countries.

Preview photo credit ED JONES / AFP / East News


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???? Brought to you by North Korea. If you think these 2 countries are anything alike, take a trip over there.


you should really watch youtube interviews with north korean defectors. they can explain how life for most of the population of nk is FAR different from these photos


LOL, I am not sure how self aware this article is. It’s really good meta post irony, but otherwise it’s pretty dangerous😂😂😂


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