A Photographer Shows the Secret Side of Glamorous Instagram Photos

3 years ago

A photographer known as OMAHI uncovers the truth by showing what lies behind fascinating and glamorous photos. He shares 2 photos in a single post. The first pic shows what we usually post on social media — a pic with lots of edits, themes, and effects. But the fun really begins when we see the second pic which shows the whole evolution of the first photo. These behind-the-scenes shots are truly a sight to behold.

We at Bright Side were amazed to see such unexpected twists and turns. So here are 15 pics of Omahi’s that will leave you saying, “What?!” and make your jaw drop to the floor.

1. A little pool in your house, and that’s it!

2. Black sheets of paper and some chalk give you a whole new atmosphere.

3. Some cotton wool and a mirror work wonders.

4. Even the simplest locations can be transformed into glorious backgrounds.

5. This little bathtub makes you feel like the girl is in the deep ocean.

6. UV light can make your pic look unreal.

7. A broken mirror and a crazy idea and voila — you have a photo in the sky!

8. This could be a movie poster or the cover of a best-selling book.

9. The background breathed life into this shot.

10. A whole new illustration out of simple planks and books

11. Light from the perfect angle makes your pic look unique.

12. Plastic cases to cover your camera and boom, you’ve got a marvelous shot.

13. A piece of cut paper and your room’s wall are all you need for an unbelievable pic.

14. Flowers can be an easy way to make your photos blossom. But first, you need to think of a creative way to present it.

15. If the weather doesn’t work out, no need to worry — a bottle of water can come to the rescue.

You can see more of Omahi’s photos on his Instagram page.

Have you ever taken a picture to capture the process of a fabulous photoshoot? Please share what lies behind your beautiful pics down below!

Preview photo credit OMAHI_ / Instagram


The things people do for the perfect picture is just crazy, can you imagine explaining this to your granny?
I can't be the only one who thinks these pictures look super fake and terrible...

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