A Rescued Pitt Bull Gets a Maternity Photoshoot, and She’s Just Beaming With Happiness

4 years ago

Finding a home for a single stray dog is pretty challenging, but doing it for a 2-year-old pregnant pit bull seems impossible! And this transformation from a frightened and protective rescue dog to a glowing, loving, and thankful mom, will revive your faith in miracles.

Here at Bright Side we fell in love with Mama Pickles and couldn`t help but share her lovely story with you!

In September people found a 2-year-old female pit bull on the streets near Fort Mill, South Carolina — very pregnant and in need of help. Animal control took her to a local shelter and contacted the family of the dog, but sadly, they didn`t want to take her back.

The poor mom-to-be needed more specialized help than the shelter could give her, but fortunately, she was soon taken in by volunteers from Pits & Giggles Rescue, which takes care of pregnant and nursing mama dogs and their puppies.

As volunteers describe her, upon first meeting her new rescue friends, the pregnant pit bull was really wiggly, friendly, fairly clumsy, and had no idea about personal space. They immediately came up with a new name — Pickles — that seemed to perfectly fit her personality. Pickles couldn’t stop jumping around and over the volunteers trying to get attention and kisses, despite her huge belly. And she definitely wasn’t camera shy!

As soon as Mama Pickles arrived, volunteers knew right away that she’d be the perfect model for a maternity photo shoot. Turns out, more than half the time, shelters don`t realize mamas are pregnant until the very last minute. So with Mama Pickles, the team was happy they had enough time before she popped.

During the photoshoot, organized by a volunteer (the owner of Enchanted Hills Photography) Lauren Casteen Sykes, Pickles was striking the fiercest poses like a diva, mixing it with goofy looks and clumsy belly moves.

A few weeks later, after Pickles welcomed 8 beautiful puppies, Pits & Giggles Rescue decided to organize a newborn photoshoot as a story follow-up. Pickles looks even more joyful next to her fabulous babies.

As the organization members shared with us, Mama Pickles and all her puppies have already found a home! Pickles has a bully breed brother who loves her to death and they spend the majority of their days snuggled up on the sofa together!

Volunteers admit, that since North Carolina has no spay/neuter laws and takes the #3 place in the US for euthanasia, it’s especially rewarding to see the transformation and blossoming of this little lady and her puppies and watch them find a forever home. In case you want to help Pits & Giggles Rescue, you can buy something for them from their Amazon list or make a direct donation.

Do you do fun photoshoots with your dog? If you don`t have one, would you be willing to adopt a dog from a shelter? We`d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!


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l had No idea about that State's Euthanasia Laws...
MAMA Pickles is Amazing, and such a Proud, Goofy mother she is...lol SO happy she found her furever home. Thank you Pits & Giggles for All you do..
Much Love from Australia. 👍🌹💜😄


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