A Self-Taught Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Into Optical Illusions, and the Results Are Striking

3 years ago

A makeup artist, known as RJ, calls herself a self-taught Picasso. Unlike this famous painter, she uses makeup brushes as her tools and her face as her canvas to create incredible optical illusions. RJ learned how to combine makeup and art on her own face using bright eye shadow palettes and her unlimited imagination.

Bright Side gathered 22 of the most impressive photos of RJ’s work that will definitely make you say “Wow!”

22. “Glass half empty, or glass half full?”

21. “Distortion”

20. “Music box”

19. “When you wanna spam @instagram with your makeup looks”

18. “3D study”

17. “Head spinning”

16. “When rosé is life”

15. “My face is my canvas”

14. “Masquerade party”

13. “Card machine”

12. “Wonder woman”

11. “Snow rose”

10. “Ocean breeze”

9. “Nature”

8. “Busy bee”

7. “Pieces of the puzzle will always fit back together in the end”

6. “Splitting headache”

5. “Tight lipped”

4. “Eaten alive”

3. “When you want to wear all 3 eyeshadow palettes at once”

2. “Turning on the water”

1. “My mind is a maze in which I’m already lost”

Which of RJ’s works impressed you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!


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