A Study Shows That Dating a Man 6 Years Older Can Make a Woman Happier

3 years ago

Dating can be tricky and confusing for a lot of people, but it seems that quite a lot of women have figured out exactly what they want and are looking for. Maturity, emotional stability, and wisdom are among the top things women look for in men. And this is precisely why most of them go for men who are a little older.

Bright Side would like to share with you a very curious study that shows that most women think their perfect partner is 6 years older than them.

This is why some women prefer dating older men.

We’ve all heard that some women prefer dating older men, what are the reasons for this exactly? Some people might give this relationship negative stereotypes or stigmas, like the so-called “gold-digging” motive, but it turns out that is not the case with many couples. This may or may not be true in a lot of cases, as many women have different reasons to be with someone who is older than them.

So what are the real reasons? Women on Reddit have the answers for us:

  • “They are also a lot more straightforward so there are very few games, if any.” — Keirabella999
  • “Stability. Maturity. Wisdom.” — WhEnPaInLoVeS
  • “I think it’s this idea that life experience makes them more emotionally resilient, stable, and straightforward about what they want.” — BLESS_YER_HEART
  • “Simply because they are more mature. They (not all of them) treat you with respect, talk to you, listen to you, share with you, and have had much more experience in life.” — Joaziez
  • “They tend to be more mature, knowledgeable, and know what they want in life. They also more often than not are looking for a committed relationship, which is what I want.” — KitKatCarKat
  • “It’s nice dating people more settled in their lives, who know what they want for their future more clearly. They usually have more independence. Also if a guy hits a certain age without learning some basic survival skills, I don’t want to date them.” — Codydarkstalker

The ideal age-gap for dating is 6 years, where the man is older.

We may often see significant age-gaps in some romantic movies, but the truth is that the ideal age difference in a relationship is not as big. According to a study conducted by WhatsYourPrice.com, a website that allows people to buy and sell first dates, the ideal age-gap is 6 years, where the man is the older one.

The study looked at the price of over 100,000 first dates between older men and younger women. And the findings were that women are most attracted to men who are 6 years older than they are. According to Brandon Wade, the CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com, “Women tend to mature faster than men. For this reason, most women don’t like to date men around their age or who are younger than they are.” He also added that aside from the 6-year-age gap, women, in general, prefer to date men who are less than 10 years older.

Here’s what celebrities have to say about their age-gap relationships:

  • Calista Flockhart, who is married to Harrison Ford, claims that the age difference isn’t a problem for her. She shared: “It doesn’t faze me. Sometimes I even say, ’Wow, I keep forgetting that he’s 22 years older than me’.”
  • Hilaria Baldwin admits that she did not expect to fall in love with Alec Baldwin, as he was a lot older than her: “I didn’t expect to fall in love with somebody who was 26 years my senior, but you cannot help who you fall in love with.”
  • Sir Patrick Stewart married musician Sunny Ozell who is 39 years younger than him. Sunny shared her thoughts on their age-gap: “He is so youthful and I guess I’m kind of an old worrywart so we bridge the gap. It doesn’t come up much. He’s in better shape than me, which infuriates me.”
  • At first, David Hasselhoff didn’t want to marry Hayley Roberts, as she is 27 years younger than him. The actor shared how he felt about Hayley: “For the longest time I didn’t think it was right to marry Hayley, as I was so much older and I didn’t want to take away the fun and the youth and the excitement of growing old together and having children,” he said. “We’ve been together for about 7 years and we’ve had such a great time. I’ve realized how much I love Hayley and how much we’ve become part of each other’s life,” he continued.
  • Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Laura Savoie have been through their fair share of criticism on their 39-year age-gap, but that didn’t affect the couple. Dennis opened up about it: “I didn’t go out looking for an age gap or someone really younger than me. I met her at a business event and then the relationship developed. You have no control over who you fall in love with. I don’t fall in love easily. But I can’t let what a few people think control all that. I’ve been married 3 times and this is the final one, I know it is. I feel like I have a real partner in life.”

What are your thoughts on age-gap relationships? Have you ever been in one?

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My husband is 15 years older with a heart of gold! He definitely has been my rock and we've never really felt the age gap till now, I'm 63 and he's 78. He's still vibrant but slowing down physically in some ways. I wouldn't trade him for anyone!!


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