A Taiwanese Artist Creates Surreal Human Sculptures From Wood, and We Can’t Stop Looking at Them

2 years ago

Hsu Tung Han is a 56-year-old wood sculptor from Taiwan. He creates his works by carving, sculpting, and arranging puzzle-like wood pieces together into overwhelming sculptures. Han uses segments of teak, African wax wood, or walnut to give the illusion of paused motion.

Bright Side invites you to look at these handmade masterpieces and admire the creative mind of this talented artist.

1. The golden fish fantasy

2. Face mask

3. The night

4. Snorkeling

5. Ink

6. Qin Jian

7. Departure

8. Where is the “like” button?

9. Cultural background

10. Dissolving

11. A completely unnecessary action

12. Dunhuang tour

13. The rabbit woman

14. The cat eye

15. The wolf’s kiss

16. The great wildness

17. Childhood memories

18. Archaeology diary

19. A long journey in the vast world

20. Strong neck

21. Head 1

22. Head 2

23. During this winter

Which sculpture amazed you the most? Do you know of other artists who create similarly astonishing works? Share your opinion with us in the comments!


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