A Viral Video Shows How Crab Sticks Are Really Made, and Thousands of People Burst With Gastric Shock

7 months ago

There’s a famous saying: everyone wants to eat sausages, but nobody wants to know how they are made. Probably, a lot of people could say this about crab sticks, too. At least, after watching a viral video that shows how these super-delicious snacks are made. But just in case your curiosity is very strong, we’ll show you how crab sticks get from the sea to your plate.

Crab sticks have nothing to do with crabs.

On YouTube, there’s a viral video that opens the door to the secret of crab sticks creation, and once you’ve seen what is behind that door, you won’t forget about it. It depicts the biggest plant in the world and the process of producing crab sticks from the very beginning.

So, it starts with meat. It’s just frozen fish meat, but it’s not crab meat, at all. The color of this meat is gray, and it is taken from the species called Alaskan pollock.

That meat is then put into a mixer, gets mashed up there, then it is churned up with other components such as egg whites and wheat. And then the substance is mixed up once again.

That mixture creates a paste-like substance that resembles building putty or clay. That goo is then put into a machine that produces just one big strip of meaty stuff, which then gets woven like rope in order to create the texture of crab meat.

Then the bits of it are coated in the orange casing that resembles crab or lobster coloring, then sold as crab sticks.

People’s reactions to the video were just epic.

No wonder, many of people aren’t very happy with their new knowledge after watching this video. But the opinions are really different. One person wrote, “I always thought this stuff was disgusting, now I KNOW it is.” While some other person said, “I love adding lots of mock crab meat to my delicious pasta salad recipe. See, now y’all went and made me hungry!”

So, some people may actually want to see how their favorite snack gets made.

If you want more of the “food revelations”, here’s another mind-boggling article about what actually happens with food that gets seized at the airport.


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