6 Pregnancy and Childbirth Misconceptions We Still Believe Thanks to Hollywood

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Pregnancy can be a roller coaster of emotions, as it’s both super tough and amazing at the same time. Not only do women go through a lot during the 9 months of pregnancy, but they also have to deal with the whole childbirth process. Hollywood has a history of not treating female characters fairly, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Even today, movies still don’t seem to get it right.

1. Screaming your head off

No doubt giving birth is difficult and scary, but movies make the process look especially terrifying as if it was an exorcism. In reality, women are advised against screaming since it makes it harder to push the baby out. Imagine being constipated — it’s nearly impossible to scream and push at the same time! Besides, it’s exhausting and takes away much-needed energy.

2. It’s all over when the baby’s out.

Not to mention how neat and tidy babies look when they’re out — there’s no placenta afterward. In real life, childbirth is not over when the baby’s out, as women also deliver the placenta. This final stage of childbirth lasts for about 20 minutes. You will also be bleeding even after you’ve been cleaned up.

3. It’s easy to get pregnant.

“All you need is love,” they say. Unfortunately for some, getting pregnant is not that easy. Most movies show women getting pregnant right after the first time they’ve conceived. Although this can happen, you’re more likely to get pregnant closer to your ovulation days rather than any other day of the month.

4. A healthy glow

For the sake of aesthetics, movies often show women with perfect skin. Although some lucky women get that “pregnancy glow,” the majority still suffer from acne breakouts, discoloration, and even rashes.

5. No swelling

Okay, movies sometimes show some changes in your chest. However, this isn’t the only thing that swells. Most pregnant women have to deal with swollen feet, hands, and ankles. It might even get to the point where you can’t put on your shoes or take off your wedding ring.

6. Quick morning sickness

In the typical morning of a pregnant woman in a movie, she may have a quick bout of morning sickness and then go about her day. As one Reddit user described, “I had a constant headache, nausea, and throwing up after most meals for 3 weeks straight.” And another person said, “Some women are just nauseous and never actually puke. The fatigue or other symptoms hit them harder.”

What other myths about pregnancy do you know? Which things have you experienced yourself?


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