A Woman Abruptly Ends a Date After Finding 17 Soap Bottles in His Bathroom, Here’s Why

9 months ago

We’ve all been there, right? Those first dates go totally haywire, like when your date’s mom shows up out of the blue, or they just won’t stop talking. Date disasters are something we can all relate to, but there are some glaring red flags that you can spot from the first time. Exactly like this girl who ditched her date for the strangest reason, and when her video blew up on the internet, people started coming up with all sorts of theories.

She just went into her date’s bathroom to freshen up.

In a TikTok video that’s gone viral with over 10 million views, Jordan McNally spilled the details about an unexpected turn of events during a recent date night. Here’s what happened: Jordan and her date had just arrived at his place, and she decided to freshen up in his bathroom, thinking it was just a routine pit stop.

However, instead of finding the usual toothpaste and shampoo setup, Jordan stumbled upon something that seemed straight out of a quirky sitcom — her date’s soap collection. But this wasn’t a typical collection of shower gels scattered in the shower; it was an impressive lineup of 17 soap bottles meticulously arranged and stacked on a cabinet.

Rather than going back to her date, she whipped out her phone and said, “I just got to his house, and I’m in his bathroom, ’What is this?!’” She then pointed her camera into the shower.

Inside the shower, there was a whole array of body washes, shampoos, and conditioners, all from the same brand. These bottles came in different scents, with some nearly full, others half-used, and a few almost empty. Jordan McNally mentioned there were a whopping 17 bottles in the shower.

Clearly taken aback by this shower revelation, she humorously contemplated making up a “family emergency” as a way to gracefully exit the date.

The video sparked many speculations online.

So, Jordan decided to spill the beans on TikTok, sharing her strange bathroom discovery and enlisting the help of random internet folks to decipher the soap bottle mystery. Her video quickly gained traction, scoring almost 1 million likes and drawing in over 13,400 comments.

Turns out, lots of TikTokers had some strong reactions — some said they would’ve made a run for it. “I would just confront him, like sir, I need answers,” someone said. Another person revealed that they “would never rest” until they got to know the reason behind that soap collection.

In the comments, there was a mix of advice, humor, and wild theories. Some people jokingly told her to “get out of there ASAP,” while others quipped that they’d be “climbing out of that window” in a hurry. But not everyone was convinced it was a red flag.

Some folks thought maybe her date was just an extreme couponer, or he’d scored a super deal at the store that led to all those soap bottles. Others suggested he was just incredibly indecisive, needing options for every mood. A few creative minds even speculated he might be into soap-making or brewing some mysterious potions.

People were on the edge of their seats waiting for an update, but it seems Jordan never followed up on the story. Chances are, she and her date didn’t hit it off, leaving the soap collection as one of the internet’s unsolved mysteries.

First-date stories are always a hoot; that’s why we’ve gathered the ones of our favorite celebrities.

Preview photo credit missmcnallyyy / Tiktok


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