A Woman “Married” to a Ragdoll Welcomes “Twins”, Shares Pregnancy Journey

5 months ago

A 39-year-old woman has found the husband of her dreams in a ragdoll. She got married to the doll in a full-fledged wedding ceremony. Now, her husband and she have welcomed twins, and they couldn’t be happier. The new mother is sharing her experience with pregnancy and how the unusual family’s life has changed now.

An unusual love story.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes was tired of being single. The Brazillian woman was looking for someone loyal and trustworthy. But, to her despair, she couldn’t find such a man. She complained to her mother about it and well, she decided to help her daughter out.

Meirivone’s mother made a life-size ragdoll for her. The ragdoll man was named Marcelo. Before anyone knew it, love bloomed between Meirivone and Marcelo. The couple got married in a sweet wedding ceremony. They both dressed to their best.

Parenthood made their lives more interesting.

The couple welcomed their son Marcelinho a year ago. And recently, the unusual family announced they were expecting again. Amid their unconventional journey, Meirivone and Marcelo enjoy celebrating life’s surprises.

Surrounded by family and friends, they hosted a lively gender reveal party. The moment of revelation captured on social media showcased Meirivone’s joy. Pink smoke filled the air, marking the impending arrival of their baby girl, Marcela. But Meirivone later revealed she gave birth to twins.

Meirivone says they both make efforts to raise the kids.

Life in Meirivone and Marcelo’s household is like a puzzle where everyone, including the ragdoll dad and toy kids, pitches in for parenting duties. With the recent addition of twins, their family dynamic has doubled, making every moment a blend of emotions. Despite the challenges, Marcelo lends a helping hand to his wife. He ensures tasks like bathing, eating, and sleeping are a shared responsibility.

The twins’ arrival has made things for the family stressful.

Within the cozy nest filled with love and laughter, Marcelo, the ragdoll dad, experiences a bit of stress. The growing family brings along increased expenses, from food and clothes to rent and medications. Despite these concerns, Marcelo’s dream of having a family and children prevails, making every challenge a step towards the life he always wished for.

Beyond the unique family dynamics, Meirivone and Marcelo harbor dreams beyond their ragdoll household. Since their wedding, Marcelo has been diligently searching the internet daily with a steadfast determination to own their house, adds Meirivone. The pursuit of this dream, despite the ups and downs, remains unwavering.

The family also experienced some “tragic” incidents.

In a dramatic turn of events, Meirivone claimed their baby Marcelinho was held hostage, demanding a ransom for his release. The frantic search, including TikTok videos and neighborhood flyers, added an intense chapter to their story. Fortunately, Marcelinho was found safe and sound, attending his sister’s baby shower, creating another twist in the eventful saga of Meirivone and Marcelo.

Meirivone also accused Marcelo of cheating on her twice. She says she found it out via a friend’s text message. The incident made her really upset, and she asked her husband to sleep on the couch. But, the couple’s going stronger than ever now.

Another woman made headlines for her doll family recently. She spent $7.5K on 13 fake babies. Read her story here.


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