A Woman Raised in Poverty Makes Her Dream Come True and Wins the Hearts of a Million People With Her Handmade Dresses

3 years ago

Teuta Matoshi is a designer who creates whimsically feminine gowns and dresses with handmade embroidery and embellishments. You may instantly recognize Teuta’s work on Instagram by her manner of combining unconventional colors and adding lace, tulle, beads, and embroidery to the dresses by hand. But while she’s famous for her work today (her Instagram has over 1,000,000 subscribers), her way to success hasn’t been a bed of roses.

Here at Bright Side, we were fascinated by both Teuta’s dresses and her life story, which resembles the one of Cinderella. We’d love for you to be amazed together with us.

The start of Teuta’s journey wasn’t like a fairy tale at all.

Teuta was born near Pristina, Kosovo’s capital. Her family was poor and she was one of 9 children. Her family lived from hand to mouth, as her father was a teacher and their only provider. Being a small kid, she learned how to make clothes for herself and her siblings by using old scraps and garments.

She continued wearing her handmade clothes through middle school and suddenly started receiving many compliments. Teuta then started a journey to her ultimate dream: to start her own boutique that would sell clothes made with her patterns and designs.

Teuta was lucky enough to meet her life-changing mentor while in college.

After school, Teuta started attending the Factory Design University, and this is where she finally met the person who inspired her to move forward. This was her mentor, a professor from Paris, who opened the door to the stunning world of design. Under his supervision, she began developing her own line and learned how to drape and style in her own way, and now it can be seen in each and every one of her dresses.

Recognition and fame were earned by hard work, strategy, and persistence.

Teuta started by taking small orders in a shop and soon became a designer who built an entire luxury brand. She had to struggle all way through, looking for high-quality fabrics, which were rare at that time. She also built a team of 40 people from scratch and personally trained her staff. All of this was at a period in her life when she was a young mother with 3 children.

Despite all her fame, Teuta never forgot about her roots. She made it her mission to employ as many women as possible for her business, as her homeland had an extremely high rate of unemployed women. This includes young moms and other women who want to have successful careers in the stunning world of fashion.

Which of the dresses made by Teuta Matoshi would you wear to a significant occasion in your life?


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