15+ Acts of Kindness That Made Our World a Better Place

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Being kind doesn’t just make others’ lives better, but it can also improve our own. According to a study, being kind to ourselves or even a complete stranger can boost our happiness. Of course, it’s important to remember that we should be kind and not expect kindness back, though that’s usually what follows those acts. That’s why one small deed can trigger a chain of events that can make everlasting positive impacts in the lives of many others.

1. “I gave the local homeless musician my old first acoustic guitar after upgrading. He’s so happy now that he can play whenever he wants.”

2. “Proud of my daughter. 10 days before her wedding, she became a bone marrow match. And she donated it to a leukemia patient.”

3. “My grandma and great-aunt started making dolls for children in need.”

4. “A kind stranger gave my daughter 2 pounds to get some sweets. We are poor, so this meant a lot.”

5. “A 10-year-old boy and family friend cleaned snow off 80 hospital workers’ cars during a storm.”

6. “We took a portion of the proceeds from it and made 113 sandwiches to feed people in need here in Kensington, Philadelphia!”

7. “I was hiking with my baby and starting to feel like giving up. A kind stranger said, ’Wow! Great job!’ It encouraged me and I made it to the top!”

8. “Kind folks built an elevator to help their 16-year-old lab up the front steps.”

9. “I was crying pulling into a parking spot to buy fro-yo. A teenage girl and her dad in the car next to me saw me crying. When I came back, this was on my door handle.”

The note says: “Your fro-yo is on us, we hope tomorrow is a better day.”

10. “Someone in my neighborhood has been building little dog shelters.”

11. “A poor old woman wanted to eat Indian street food, but she had only 7 cents and was denied by the vendor. A kind stranger offered to pay for her within 10 seconds!”

12. “A stranger from the Internet drew a digital portrait of my mom and our late dog, Bailey.”

13. “Just saved that cute little dinosaur from the cat. It wouldn’t let go of me for a while.”

14. “6 years ago this week, I donated stem cells to an anonymous person in need. This holiday season, give life!”

15. “I lost my wedding ring in the Atlantic Ocean and this woman found it with her metal detector.”

16. What 4 months of love can do

17. “I donated all of my hair.”

18. “My dad isn’t a cake maker, but he made this cake for my nephew.”

Bonus: celebrities being kind to others

Ed Sheeran

As a kind gesture, Ed Sheeran helped a friend in need. Amy Wadge, who is a childhood friend of his, was struggling to pay her mortgage and asked the singer for help. Ed invited her to write a song together and the resulting song was Thinking Out Loud.

“Now she never has to worry about money again,” said the singer.

Kim Kardashian

The reality T.V. star, Kim Kardashian, surprised her most loyal fans by flying them to California to celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday. Kim went to brunch with every fan she follows on social media and they had a lovely evening.

Chris Evans

While filming a movie, Chris Evans met his cute dog, Dodger. The scene he was filming took place in a shelter, and the minute he saw Dodger he knew that the dog was going to be his loyal companion. The actor said on his social media, “I had no intention of rescuing a dog that day, but the minute I saw him I knew he was coming home with me”.

Which gesture of kindness made you smile the most? We would love to know!


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