A Woman Wins World’s First Makeup-Free Beauty Pageant and Wore Nothing on Her Face Except a Smile

7 months ago

The use of makeup in beauty contests on the one hand can contribute to their overall performance and confidence on the stage. However, it also raises discussions about the pressure to conform to certain beauty ideals and the potential for unrealistic standards. Luckily, times are changing, and now women can present themselves as they are.

Participants had zero makeup while performing.

A dental nurse has secured the title of the winner of a “makeup-free” beauty pageant. Natasha Beresford, age 26, confidently graced the catwalk wearing nothing but a smile and was crowned Miss London 2023 during the regional stage of the Miss England competition.

She triumphed over 18 other women who competed au naturel, marking a historic moment in the competition’s 95-year legacy.

In previous years, contestants were required to submit unfiltered, unaltered photographs of themselves as part of the competition. However, this year’s pageant took it a step further, prohibiting even the application of lip gloss.

Such contests aim to boost female confidence.

Although many pageants held before included a round or 2 of makeup-free moments in the competition, it is reportedly the first time that around 2 dozen contestants in a beauty pageant shed their second skin for the whole event.

Organizers noted that this was a groundbreaking move not just in Britain but was likely also a worldwide first. They envisioned that this decision to redefine the traditional pageant model would “empower women, boost confidence, and promote a more realistic body image.”

The winner also wore a sustainable dress.

Natasha caught the judges’ attention by gracefully wearing a white lace dress by a brand known for its ethical and sustainable production of wedding dresses.

Having secured the Miss London title, she is now set to compete in the upcoming Miss England final later this year.

Beresford expressed her excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to have been selected as Miss London. All the girls that competed are so beautiful and truly inspirational, so it was an honor to be chosen.”

It’s amazing to see that nowadays beauty contests promote human values. For example, in the last Miss Universe contest, a woman from Thailand decided to wear a dress made out of can tabs as a tribute to her parents who are garbage collectors.


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