A Woman Worries That Previous House Owners Keep Invading Her New Home

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Letting go of the home in which we lived for decades and have made countless memories with our loved ones can be very difficult. A woman named Jaci Marie Smith shared on TikTok that the previous owners of the house she bought with her partner seemed to still be way too attached to the place. Going as far as visiting the home without Smith’s consent for a weird reason.

A woman turned to TikTok to share the story.

According to Jaci Marie, a prominent influencer on TikTok, her transition to a new residence encountered numerous setbacks. She divulged the startling incidents on her social media platform, in a video that went viral and garnered over 100K likes and thousands of comments.

In a TikTok update, Jaci disclosed her recent home purchase and move-in with her boyfriend, Leif. Despite it being a shared aspiration, the transition hasn’t been entirely smooth. Jaci highlighted the considerable challenge on the part of the previous homeowners, who seemed reluctant to let go of the property.

Jaci explained that the previous owners of her house seem to be way too attached to the place.

From the outset, the previous owners’ behavior regarding the relocation had been peculiar. It was noted that they frequently appeared whenever Jaci engaged with a contractor to deliberate on potential renovations for the property. Furthermore, they consistently insisted on particular alterations not being made, a demand that seemed questionable given their imminent departure from the premises.

The previous owner of the home made frequent visits to the house, persistently offering tools for renovations while simultaneously insisting on no alterations being made. These visits escalated over time.

During one instance, Jaci and Leif discovered the side entrance unlocked, despite their assurance of having secured it. To their surprise, the man had unlawfully entered using spare keys to offer additional tools. He confessed to prior unauthorized visits, claiming to have come to «take out the trash cans» on one occasion, and even recorded videos inside the house for nostalgic purposes.

Netizens tried to provide advice on how to deal with the uncomfortable situation.

The ordeal has left Jaci feeling profoundly uneasy about the extent to which the previous owners are willing to intrude. Numerous individuals attempted to provide words of comfort and reassurance in the comment section. «Locks 100% need to be changed, and your agent can reach out to the selling agent to speak with them about the unacceptable behavior,» a woman opined.

«Change the locks and install cameras!» a second person wrote. «Literally the same thing happened to us. The old owners were bringing neighbors inside after we bought it and were renovating it,» another TikTok user shared. «I think you guys are being too nice and that’s why he keeps pushing boundaries. You need to make it clear he needs to be gone, and it’s your home.»

Many people have wild stories and often share them on TikTok, looking for a second opinion or reassurance. Recently, another woman was put in an uncomfortable position when she found out a secret that could ruin her friend’s wedding. And she turned to social media to ask for advice on how to deal with the situation.

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Call the police, they are trespassing & breaking & entering. Doesn’t matter that they used to live there, once settlement is done they no longer have any right to be on the property. They are committing a Crime.

CHANGE THE LOCKS, it’s not expensive you can do it yourself. Go to the hardware store, you can buy new key barrels for the locks, you remove just the barrel from the lock & put the new one in or you can buy completely new lock sets.

Get a ring camera any sort of security system that will alert you if someone tries to break in to your house.

Have your lawyer send a cease & desist letter stating that the police will be called if they trespass on Your property again.


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