An Artist Creates Colorful Embroideries That Look Like Landscape Art

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Vera Shimunia is an embroidery fairy who doesn’t conform to any laws or limits when it comes to art. And as it turns out, people can “paint” with more than just brushes and pencils. This woman uses her needle and colorful thread to draw stunning views and landscapes, portraying a variety of moods.

We at Bright Side tip our hats off to people who take art to a whole new level and aren’t afraid to experiment. We’d love for you to take a look at some of Vera’s work and witness how nimble hands can work real wonders.

Vera is an absolutely self-taught artist.

The young woman is an economist by trade and has never done any workshops or tutorials in embroidery art. She used to do some amateur drawing, but becoming a true artist has never been her goal. It all started when she felt an urge to share her emotions, which set her off on a journey of threading and stitching.

Her embroidery style has no official name yet, though some people have a nickname for it.

The artist’s subscribers call her style a “hooligan stitch,” and her desire to depict the diversity of nature’s landscapes on a small cloth of fabric is, indeed, quite a rebellious artistic move. Vera combines satin stitches and french knots and adds thin and thick fibers and threads to get multi-dimensional, realistic views.

She never gets tired of painting the sky.

As Vera says, her absolute favorite works are pictures of the sky. She believes that whether it’s gloomy or serene, leaden, or clear blue, it can become a mirror of the human mood. In the comments to some of her works on Instagram, she sometimes mentions that certain pieces were the reflection of her own emotions, and people seem to get the reference.

Vera is the inventor of the “fluffy clouds” technique.

Vera’s signature technique is the dimensional depiction of clouds. Her works can be recognized by fluffy horizons that contrast harshly to the landscapes while at the same time, complimenting them. However, she admits that she doesn’t want people to associate her work with this technique exclusively, and she’s always working to surpass herself.

People from all over the world are in awe of Vera’s work.

Vera has over 22,000 admirers on her Etsy shop. Each and every piece that her customers receive gets 5-star ratings and tons of praise. She sends her embroideries together with a warm note to brighten up people’s days, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

What kind of art have you tried yourself? We’d love for you to show us your work!


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