An Artist Makes Comics About Living With Animals, and 2.5 Million Followers Love Them

2 years ago

Not everyone knows this, but after military dogs retire, they can be adopted into regular civilian families. Many learned about this from Ben Hed’s comics about lovely pets — a veteran canine named Brutus and a small kitten named Pixie. These characters and their adventures are so compelling, you’ll wish you could meet them in real life. And if you have not yet fallen in love with them, scroll down.

Here at Bright Side, we love comics about the lives of animals, and what we love even more is to share the best ones with you. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

1. That was definitely love at first sight.

2. Mystery solved!

3. Pixie doesn’t know about Australia yet.

4. Almost Pixie, almost.

5. If your friend doesn’t turn into a race car, are you really friends?

6. Sometimes you just have to try.

7. If only humans could have cool features like that!

8. Dogs in a nutshell

9. Go Brutus, jump in!

10. Already getting goosebumps!

11. Sometimes the magic behind a superhero’s power is their loyal friend.

12. One man’s trash is...another kitten’s transportation.

13. The key to a strong friendship is never saying, “I told you so.”

Who’s your favorite illustrator? We’d be happy to see your comments and pics in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit pet_foolery / instagram


I absolutely LOVE these cartoons. Please Please keep them coming.

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