A Baby Is Born With Limb Differences, and Each Day His Mom Celebrates Her 1 in a 1,000,000 Son

Just as she was about to meet her son for the first time in the delivery room, Jennisan was told that he was born different. And at that moment she realized that the universe was testing her. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or broken by this new reality, the devoted mom and dad chose a different inspiring path.

Bright Side was fascinated by the story of baby Harrison. We want to share with you a journey filled with affection, tenderness, strength, and limitless love.

A much desired and long-awaited pregnancy

Jennisan always wanted to be a mother, in fact when other little kids dreamt of becoming doctors, lawyers, or astronauts, her mission was to be a mommy.

At 19, she gave birth to her first son, Jayden, and 2 years later she separated from his father. The young single mom was focused on raising her son and didn’t consider dating any longer. But life had other plans for her, and she fell madly in love the moment she saw Clint.

The couple wanted to have kids, but things were complicated. After years of fertility treatment, they decided to give up on the idea of expanding their family. This is why their happiness grew when they found out that they were finally expecting.

A journey of ups and downs

This overwhelming joy started to turn into worry when Jennisan started to bleed at 7 weeks. The doctors even thought, at that point, that she lost the baby. But soon, things took a turn for the better, and the excited couple was able to enjoy their pregnancy knowing that there was nothing to worry about.

However, things started to get more challenging when just a few weeks before delivery, they found out that the baby boy was breech and that a C-section was necessary. However, the mom-to-be decided to remain strong, determined to not allow anything sabotage the experience of bringing her child to the world.

An ear-piercing silence in the delivery room

The big moment was finally here, and the birth took longer than expected. But after long hours of perseverance, the OB and nurses cheerfully announced to the overjoyed mama that she would be meeting her little munchkin any minute now.

And in the middle of all this excitement, suddenly a shattering silence took over the room as the precious baby came into the world.

Jennisan started panicking as she saw the expressions on the medical team’s faces transform. They blocked her view and took away her little boy. As the heartbroken mama managed to take a quick glance, she thought she saw that he was missing fingers.

More medical staff intervened and started saying, ’’He’s not breathing.’’ Jennisan was living the worst nightmare of her life.

An unexpected turn of events

However, the baby’s will to live was stronger than anything else and a few minutes later, he made a sound, and brought back hope to the heart of his overwhelmed mother. Baby Harrison was weak, but doing fine, and had to be taken away to the NICU.

The doctor came in and delivered the words that could change any parents’ life forever: ’’Are you aware that your son was born with abnormalities?’’ The doctor went on explaining, ’’Your son is missing fingers on both of his hands and has a malformed right leg.’’ What happened to Harrison had a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of happening to him.

Jennisan didn’t care that her son had abnormalities. She did not mind that he had missing fingers or toes. She was only grateful. Thankful that he was alive and breathing. That’s the only thing that mattered.

All she wanted was to hold baby Harrison for a few moments before he was sent out in an ambulance to the next building, and thankfully she was able to. She tried appreciating every single moment of this precious time, and she noticed how beautiful her baby was and how much thick curly hair he had.

Being chosen for this beautiful gift

Even though she’d never expected to be confronted by this situation herself, Jennisan always believed that a child born with special needs should be unconditionally loved. She once said, “I could never be ashamed of my child if he or she were born special. That’s all the more reason to treasure them more.”

And now she knew that she was being tested by the universe for real, and she accepted it with open arms and a big heart, saying in her mind, ’’Thank you for choosing me.’’

’’Never underestimate your strength’’

Of course, her husband Clint was unaware of their kid’s situation, but Jennisan knew that he would welcome it just like she had and shower their baby with warmth. And this is exactly what happened.

Today baby Harrison is surrounded by love and thriving in a house full of tender affection, with a mom, dad, and brother that adore him.

The most important thing that Jennisan learned from her journey is to never underestimate her own power. She believes that every challenge is there ’’to mold and shape us into the person we are written to be.’’ She says, ’’Your challenges will lead you to your destiny’’ and we couldn’t agree with her more.

What do you think of this family’s journey? Do you also believe that our obstacles are meant to make us stronger?


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