Ben Affleck Teamed Up With His Friends and Crashed J.Lo’s Recording Session, Leaving Her Embarrassed

2 months ago

Love is unique for everyone, and it’s not always about grand gestures from movies. Some people express it with simple things like flowers and fun dates, while others enjoy playful teasing — even in public. But what if finding the one means enduring a bit of embarrassment at work? That’s exactly what Ben Affleck did for the Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad with his partner, J. Lo.

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The commercial for Dunkin’ Super Bowl last year starred Ben Affleck. In it, Affleck took on the role of a Dunkin’ employee, serving customers, with a surprise appearance by his wife, Jennifer Lopez, at a drive-thru.

To get a little revenge for “interrupting him at work last year” Affleck, together with Mat Damon and Tom Brady, teamed up as a boy band and wanted to crash J. Lo’s recording session for this year’s ad.

The scene kicks off with Lopez and rapper Fat Joe hanging out in a recording studio, both sipping from glittery Dunkin’ cups.

Then, the spotlight shifts to Jack Harlow, who’s sitting with Affleck in a car. Harlow’s expression is serious as he advises Affleck, “I don’t think you should do this.” Reflecting on the last year’s commercial, Affleck reassured Harlow, saying, “Last year, she came to my work. Now, I’ve got to show her what I can do.”

Cut back to the recording studio, tension mounts as an assistant whispers to Lopez, “He’s here.” Lopez’s apprehension is palpable as she responds with a hesitant “No.” And then, like a force of nature, Affleck bursts into the studio, sporting a “DunKings” tracksuit in the brand’s iconic pink and orange colors, ready to make his mark.

With a flair for the dramatic, the DunKings crashed Jennifer Lopez’s recording session, injecting a dose of Bostonian charm into the scene. Affleck, channeling his inner popstar persona with the support of Charli D’Amelio, spearheaded the formation of this unexpected musical group.

Dunkin' Donuts/Ferrari Press/East News

The DunKings showcased their talents in the studio, with Affleck proudly introducing the band while sporting a vibrant “DunKings” tracksuit. Joined by Brady on keys and Damon as his partner in crime, Affleck led the charge with gusto, much to Lopez’s chagrin.

As the DunKings serenaded Lopez with their quirky lyrics and infectious energy, the commercial reached its crescendo, leaving viewers entertained and amused. Brady’s solo performance and Damon’s mic drop-worthy line paid homage to their individual personas, adding depth to the spectacle.

Dunkin' Donuts/Ferrari Press/East News

To their surprise, Lopez extended an invitation for Brady to stay behind, leaving Affleck and Damon to reflect on their whirlwind adventure. Yet, the excitement didn’t end there.

The commercial ends with Affleck and Damon walking outside. Affleck’s suit has “Boston” on the back in the Red Sox font. Damon turns to Affleck, saying, “Remember when I said I’d do anything for you?” Affleck nods, and Damon adds, “This is anything.” To which Affleck responds, “Chill, they’re naming a drink after us.”

Dunkin’ announced the rollout of a DunKings menu nationwide, featuring Affleck’s signature drink and the DunKings Munchkins Skewers, starting on February 12th.

Lately, Ben Affleck has been getting a lot of attention for his often unhappy expression, leading to memes popping up. Check what J. Lo had to say about this.

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