Bright Siders Recreated 20 Old Photos That Ignited Our Sense of Nostalgia

3 years ago

The direct meaning of “photography” is “drawing with light.” And this is precisely what we do when we take pictures. We draw our life, our pleasant moments, and our vivid adventures. And some people give a second life to their photographic drawings by re-shooting them many years later.

That’s what Bright Side readers did. And their recreated photos made us want to do the same with our pictures. So while we are searching for the best options in our albums, you can see our readers’ results.

1. Candy lovers will forever remain candy lovers.

2. “Our 2nd birthday and our 56th birthday”

3. This is what hanging out means.

4. “We did this one on our 30th anniversary.”

5. Receiving gifts is cool at any age.

6. It’s harder to fit in, but it’s still a lot of fun.

7. “Old friends reuniting for a wedding”

8. The emotional expressions have become more theatrical.

9. “My kids did this for me a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful Christmas surprise!”

10. The only things that haven’t changed are the clothespins.

11. A mop remains a great guitar, even after you grow up.

12. “My nieces, about 30+ years apart”

13. “Me and my brother, 19 years difference”

14. The big sincere smiles remained the same.

15. The youngest kids are always the moodiest.

16. Same place, 16 years later

17. The smallest kid is the tallest one now.

18. “Preschool diploma vs University diploma”

19. “My daughter has always wanted to be a baker or a chef.”

20. “My gorgeous kids made me a whole calendar last year!”

Have you ever recreated your old pics? Show us your collages in the comments.

Preview photo credit Carin Sue Andersen / Facebook


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