“Even My Mom Didn’t Recognize Me,” Victoria’s Secret Angels Reveal the Shocking Truth About Their Catwalk Life

10 months ago

Victoria’s Secret company was founded by a man, who was embarrassed to buy lingerie for his wife in a department store. Now, the brand is one of the most-recognized and successful names in the fashion industry. Two former models took to a talk-show to reveal the less glamorous side of what we know as a luxurious life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and many people are knocked down by the truth behind the posh image of the industry.

Ex Victoria’s Secret Angels made a mind-boggling revelation about their work.

Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver are former Victoria’s Secret models. The ladies spoke candidly about their life while being the popular brand’s Angels in their interview for the Real Pod podcast with a host Victoria Garrick.

Victoria asked the models if they influenced people who like to watch the fashion shows and how they felt about it afterwards.

Josephine said, “It was a weird time because you realize you were getting a massive amount of eyes looking at you. We got signed right when social media exploded too, so it was this combination of everyone’s gonna know you for this glamorous side, takes two and an hour, hours in hair and makeup, personal trainers, this whole situation.”

“I felt like it was overnight you just let people in, and I don’t think I understood, especially in the beginning, how obsessed people could be by the little details. Like they wanted to know what kind of toothpaste I used, and I was like, ’Really? That just seems boring,’” says the model.

She added that it was in that moment she realized how much responsibility they had. Jasmine revealed that there’re a lot of comments on her Instagram which say, “you’re always so put together,” and “you’re always so perfect”.

She says, “I’m like, no I’m not! Not even the slightest bit.”

The glamorous image of the models and the real life are just two different things.

Josephine revealed that, unlike many people, who wear their swimsuits to the beach or to the pool, for Victoria’s Secret models a bathing suit is like a uniform. She then added, “Nobody wants to be in their work suit twenty-four seven, none of us want to be glammed up twenty-four seven.”

She also said that the magazine cover look and the real life have nothing in common. The model added, “I would stand next to the big billboards on the street and I could stand there for 30 minutes and not a single person could put the two people together.”

“I’m like I don’t even look like my pictures. Sometimes my mom would be like, ’Is that you? I didn’t even know you could look like this,’” revealed Josephine.

Commenting on the other peculiarities of her work as a model, the woman said, “Even though you were shooting underwear constantly, I never really felt naked because we had two layers of body makeup and sparkle and glitter and oil.”

The Angels would appear in their sweats before experiencing three hours of hair and makeup to make them look glamorous.

The modelling sphere appears to be even more demanding and exhausting than it may seem.

Commenting on Victoria’s Secret being inclusive, Josephine revealed that the old epoch of the company was more inclusive in her opinion.

She said, “I was getting a little bit bigger than I was with a 22-inch waist, and now I was 24, 25, and they were the first people to always say, ’Please do not lose weight.’”

She continued, “So for us, that was extremely inclusive from the inside perspective compared to when I worked with high fashion who was the opposite. But we were obviously in this very small box that was the industry at the time, that was now looking back, not at all inclusive.”

And here’re the models, who raise awareness about the modelling industry with their unique appearance. These 11 women redefine the beauty standards and make a real stir in a fashion world.


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