15 Photos That Prove Genes Are a Really Powerful Thing

9 months ago

What have you inherited from your mom? Her eye color or face shape? And what do you have from your father? The people depicted in this article either possess the brightest features or they’re practically carbon copies of their parents. Well, it’s not necessarily surprising that we look like our relatives, but it’s still amazing how our genes work.

Bright Side is sure that some people just don’t need a DNA test to know who they’re related to. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that reminds us that our appearance isn’t the only thing we inherit from our parents.

A mom and her daughters

“My family has 3 generations of twins.”

“My friends’ newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother.”

“My daughter and me, 1970 vs 2016”

“Here are my sons. Same mother, same father...Irish dad, Italian mom...”

“My wife and our son”

“My dad at 26 and me at 36”

“2 twin brothers married twin sisters and gave birth to twins.”

“My sister and I are 18 months apart, but we’ve convinced people we are twins.”

“My mother and I have the same gestures.”

“The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé’s family.”

“I grew myself a mini-me.”

“I’ve never realized how strong my mom’s genes were until I found this old pic of her!”

A father and son switched places for Halloween. Can you see any difference?

“30 years and a generation apart — my dad with my older brother, and my brother and his firstborn.”

Bonus: We inherit more than an appearance...

This flight was piloted by a mother and her daughter.

Grandfather, father, and son

“My father was in law enforcement for more than 40 years. My sister just graduated from the academy!”

Do you have family photos that can replace a DNA test? Leave them down below!


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