Cher Made a Splash at a Fashion Show and Shared What She Does to Remain Stunning at 76

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The world-famous ballad singer, Cher, despite her age, is still extremely popular and active. It’s quite an achievement to have a romance with 36-year-old Alexander Edwards at the age of 76, attend parties with rap singer Tyga, launch a collection of fragrances, and attend Paris Fashion Week.

Her appearance at Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2023.


During Paris Fashion Week 2022, Cher appeared in the final show by Balmain. The pop icon appeared on the runway with the creative director, Olivier Rousteing, and overshadowed the professional models.

Her outfit made a splash — she was wearing gorgeous overalls with sculpted shoulders and rock-and-roll gloves. And her massive leather boots and electric silver eye shadow made all her fans remember her over-the-top concerts. Cher said that she had a great time on stage and that it was probably the best fashion show ever.

The secrets of youth

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Of course, genes and expensive plastic surgery play a big role in Cher’s youthful appearance, but she also has some techniques that anyone can use.

  • She doesn’t engage in bad habits. Cher, like many other celebrities (like Jennifer Lopez), is strictly against all the temptations typical in stars’ lives. Cher says that all bad habits have a negative effect on the color, texture, and elasticity of the skin, and, of course, they lead to wrinkles. And over the years, this effect has only gotten worse.
  • Healthy food and treating yourself is an important balance to keep. The famous singer has stuck to a diet her entire career. It lets her stay in shape (she is 5’8″ and 134 lb), and the diet lets her get rid of extra fat and carbs. Cher doesn’t eat meat, limits her consumption of cheese and milk, but can sometimes allow herself desserts and sweets, especially chocolate.
  • She maintains an active lifestyle. Even though she’s in her seventies, she continues to do cardio 5 times a week. Cher says she has a coach that doesn’t let her play the age card when it comes to fitness. Such dedication helps her handle concerts, photoshoots, and fashion appearances.
  • She’s still developing herself. Her workaholism is the main reason why she still looks young. She says that being active gives her life purpose, helps her fight anxiety, and allows her to enjoy communicating with people, which decreases the effects stress has on the skin.
  • The famous pop singer also likes to undergo beauty procedures, such as dyeing her hair. Cher has never appeared in public with gray hair. She says she’ll never let her hair get gray. “That’s fine for other girls, I’m just not doing it.”

So she doesn’t have any alien technology, and anyone can do the same things she does.

Would you dare wear the same type of jumpsuit in public?

Preview photo credit JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP / East News


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