Four phases that lead to a successful relationship

6 months ago

A meaningful relationship does not just come out of the blue. It needs enthusiasm, effort, and determination to make it work.

Though each relationship is different for every couple, there are some phases that can be identified for everyone. These phases are the foundation for building a solid and successful relationship that might last a lifetime.

Bright Side is here to show you these 4 amazing love phases. Read them out, identify yourself between the lines and become wiser.

1. The Courtship Phase

La vie en rose — the time of butterflies, goose bumps and day dreaming.

The first dates, the first touches, the urge to be together. Enthusiasm, excitement, fun and romance.

You wake up smiling while thinking about the other person and go to bed wondering what are they up to.

You are both on your best behavior: a true gentleman and a lady.

No flaws, no fights, just chemistry and infatuation. This is the time when love is truly blind. Though, it may not be real, enduring love, but rather infatuation, you are both oblivious of anything else except the pleasant feeling of being with one another.

2. The Wake-Up Phase

Irrespective of the duration of the courtship phase, such a blissful time always seems short-lived.

Reality breaks in.

The first serious disagreements, the first quarrels, the firs offences, and the first call for advice from your friends.

Now you see your partner naked of all the mystic aura you dressed him in. Yes, this is your lover: just a person as anybody else — perfect with his/her own imperfections.

You start wondering: is this person right for me?

Confusion, doubt, anguishes.

This is a crucial point where most relationships fail. Are you really compatible? And if so, are you mature enough to get over it?

3. The confidence phase

Hitting reality and all the anguish of the previous phase does count for something: you get to know and understand each other at a much deeper level.

Now you are aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes, their qualities and shortcomings, their perspective and judgment, and finally their feelings for you.

Yeah, you believe in them as a person and as a partner. You know this person is a great individual and more importantly that he/she is there for you whenever you need support.

Though the excitement of being together is no longer as thrilling as in the courtship phase, profound feelings settle in: mutual trust, appreciation and reassurance.

Finally, you grow together and become mature people. You learn to share and compromise, to emphasize and deeply respect one another’s needs and desires. You become better people as well as better lovers.

4. The Rediscovery Phase

This is the phase that only truly successful relationships get to. It is the momentous time when you find enduring life-lasting love, that deep and awesome feeling that not many people are lucky enough to experience.

The rediscovery phase sums up and derives from all three previously mentioned.

It is the period when you feel infatuated and dive into physical desire and true longing for each other at a more meaningful level.

It is that time when you know your partner inside out and yet continue to believe they are perfect for you.

It is that moment when you could trust them with your life because you completely confide in one another, in each other’s love and in your strong feelings.

Finally it is that phase when you could not picture your own life without each other.

Yes, you are needy of each other’s presence and affection, but it feels awesome.

If you are both mature and wise enough, this phase can last forever.

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