GoT Cast in Real Life and How the Show NEGATIVELY Affected Some Actors Careers

3 months ago

Step out of the fantastical world of Westeros and into the real lives of the Game of Thrones cast, as we delve into the intriguing stories that define them off-screen. In this article, we take a closer look at the actors behind the beloved characters, exploring their backgrounds, careers, and the fascinating narratives that unfold beyond the realms of the series. Game of Thrones was a mega-hit, but not everyone in the GoT cast had a happy ending in real life. Discover how fame from the show brought challenges for some actors, affecting their careers in a not-so-great way.

Emilia Clarke

One of the most memorable GoT cast, Emilia Clarke has embarked on a captivating post-Daenerys adventure, both professionally and personally. On the professional front, she hasn’t shied away from genre-bending, effortlessly gliding between the charming chaos of romantic comedies like Last Christmas and the adrenaline-pumping thrills of superhero flicks like Marvel’s Secret Invasion. But beyond the big screens, Clarke has reignited her theatrical spark, making a critically acclaimed West End debut in The Seagull in 2022. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s even stepped behind the camera, making her directorial debut with the short film Leading Lady Parts in 2020, proving her creative thirst knows no bounds.

While taming dragons on screen is impressive, Clarke’s real-life endeavors are equally awe-inspiring. She’s used her platform to champion important causes, co-founding the SameYou charity, which supports young brain injury survivors, a cause close to her heart after experiencing two aneurysms herself. And in a powerful display of vulnerability, she shared her personal story in The New Yorker, raising awareness and empowering others facing similar challenges.

Her romance with director Charlie McDowell was a short-lived Hollywood fairy tale. Their shared birthday post with a shadow on a beach ignited the internet in 2018, but their flame flickered out the following year. Since then, Clarke has kept her dating life under wraps, focusing on her passions and philanthropy.

Whether single or secretly loved-up, one thing’s clear: Emilia Clarke is a force to be reckoned with. She balances blockbuster movie roles with advocating for important causes, all while retaining her infectious charm and humor. While we may not have a front-row seat to her real-life romance like we had for Daenerys’, we can’t wait to see what captivating chapters she writes next, both on screen and off.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington played Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He found his breakthrough role on the show after beginning his career in the theater. Playing Albert Narracott in a National Theatre production of War Horse garnered Harington a significant amount of acclaim. This success led him to audition for Game of Thrones, where he landed the role of Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen, the Sixth of his Name, Slayer of White Walkers and Know-er of Nothing. Like his friend and co-star Emilia Clarke, Harington landed several other roles while Game of Thrones aired.

In 2014, he played the main character in Pompeii alongside Emily Browning. Harington also starred in 2014’s Testament of Youth, as well as the 2017 BBC series Gunpowder, based on his ancestor Robert Catesby and the Gunpowder Plot. Unfortunately, the rapid rise and fall took its toll on Harington, who checked into rehab following the series finale for a few weeks after admitting that taking off his costume for the last time “felt like being skinned.” Harington bounced back soon after, however, appearing in Season 2 of Netflix’s Criminal: UK and voicing Eret in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. Harington also joined the MCU, landing an Eternals role as Dane Whitman aka Black Knight.


Kit Harington’s real-life romance story reads like a heartwarming fantasy epic. He found “his queen” not across the Seven Kingdoms, but right on the set of Game of Thrones in the form of his co-star, Rose Leslie. After a fiery on-screen romance as Jon Snow and Ygritte, their love blossomed off-screen. After a brief hiatus, they rekindled the flame and, in 2018, said “I do” in a picture-perfect Scottish ceremony.

Their happily ever after continued with the arrival of their son in 2021 and even sweeter with the addition of a baby girl in 2023. Beyond the battlefields of fiction, Kit’s greatest adventure is the one he shares with his family, keeping their private life beautifully written under their own love story’s spell.

Richard Madden

© Game of Thrones / Home Box Office and co-producers, Jordan Strauss / Invision / East News

Richard Madden played Robb Stark in Game of Thrones. He had an early exit from the show. His character, Robb Stark, met a grisly end that took fans by storm in Season 3. During the infamous Red Wedding, Robb and his army are slaughtered by the Freys in retaliation for breaking a marriage oath. The Young Wolf perishes early in the series, yet his shadow looms over the events going forward. Madden starred in the Elton John biopic Rocketman and the Netflix series Bodyguard.

Richard Madden keeps his cards close to his chest when it comes to his love life. While tabloid headlines have linked him to several talented women, including Ellie Bamber and Laura Whitmore, he hasn’t publicly confirmed a relationship since 2019. He cherishes his privacy and rarely addresses his personal life, leaving fans to speculate about his current romantic status. While rumors may swirl, one thing’s for sure: Madden’s charm and charisma remain undeniable, regardless of whether he’s currently single or swept off his feet.

Peter Dinklage

© Game of Thrones / Home Box Office and co-producers, Chris Pizzello / Invision / East News

Since the curtain closed on Westeros in 2019, Peter Dinklage has ventured beyond the Iron Throne, carving out a path as diverse and intriguing as Tyrion Lannister himself. Professionally, he’s embraced a kaleidoscope of roles, defying typecasting and showcasing his undeniable versatility.

On one hand, he’s lent his signature wit and gravitas to major Hollywood productions. He wielded the hammer of Eitri, the Dwarven king, in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, and embodied the complex French entertainer Hervé Villechaize in the biopic My Dinner with Hervé.

But Dinklage doesn’t shy away from smaller gems, either. He delivered a chilling performance as the mob boss Roman Lunyov in the darkly comedic thriller I Care a Lot, reminding us of his ability to play against type. He also returned to his theatrical roots, captivating audiences with his portrayal of Cyrano de Bergerac in a 2021 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production.

Evan Agostini / Invision / East News

Peter Dinklage is married to Erica Schmidt, a talented theater director and playwright. They tied the knot in 2005 and have been happily married ever since, raising two children together.

One thing’s for sure: Peter Dinklage’s post-Game of Thrones life is far from a quiet retirement. He’s exploring new creative avenues, flexing his acting muscles across genres and platforms, and using his voice to advocate for positive change. He may have left Westeros behind, but he’s still captivating audiences and etching his mark on the world, one compelling performance and thought-provoking statement at a time.

Lena Headey

Lena Headey, the formidable Cersei Lannister of the GoT cast, hasn’t faded into the ashes of Westeros since the final flames of Game of Thrones flickered out. Both professionally and personally, she’s embraced a post-Thrones landscape buzzing with creative pursuits and a newfound sense of self.

On the professional front, Headey hasn’t been afraid to shed the skin of the Iron Queen. She’s delved into diverse projects, flexing her acting muscles across genres and mediums. In the action thriller Gunpowder Milkshake, she played a seasoned assassin, a far cry from Cersei’s regal scheming. She even lent her voice to the Netflix animated series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, adding a touch of darkness to the fantastical world. And, proving her commitment to storytelling beyond acting, she directed the short film The Trap, exploring themes of betrayal and survival. But Headey hasn’t abandoned her love for live-action roles. She returned to the big screen in 2017 with the crime thriller Thumper, showcasing her talent in a grittier, more down-to-earth setting.

Personally, Headey has embraced a quieter chapter, prioritizing her family and personal fulfillment. While notoriously private about her romantic life, she’s spoken openly about the joys of motherhood and the importance of creating space for herself.

Though the shadow of Cersei may forever loom, Lena Headey has proven she’s more than just a ruthless queen. She’s a multi-faceted artist, a dedicated mother, and a woman embracing the freedom to explore new creative paths and define her own happiness. And as she continues to navigate this post-Thrones landscape, one thing is certain: her journey promises to be as captivating and complex as the characters she brings to life.

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams, the tenacious Arya Stark who stole hearts on Game of Thrones, has traded in her Needle for a kaleidoscope of projects and personal growth since leaving Westeros behind. Professionally, she’s embarked on a journey as diverse and unexpected as Arya’s own, defying typecasting and exploring her creative instincts beyond the realm of fantasy.

On the acting front, Williams took on the lead role of Kim Noakes, a terminally ill woman on a wild and hilarious final quest in this British dark comedy miniseries in Two Weeks to Live. She delved into the world of punk rock by portraying Pamela Rooke, girlfriend of Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, in this FX miniseries chronicling the band’s rise to fame in Pistol.

Beyond acting, Williams has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit. She co-founded Daisie, a creative agency she describes as a “platform for storytelling,” where she collaborates with other artists and creators to produce unique content.

Personally, Williams has spoken openly about her experiences transitioning from child star to young woman, navigating the challenges of fame and identity. She’s embraced a more sustainable lifestyle, partnering with H&M as their global sustainability ambassador and advocating for eco-friendly practices. She’s also become a vocal supporter of mental health awareness, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and encouraging others to prioritize their well-being.

Maisie Williams is no longer just Arya Stark. She’s a multi-faceted artist, a budding entrepreneur, and a young woman actively shaping her own narrative. From captivating on-screen performances to insightful conversations on her podcast, she’s forging a path that celebrates creativity, vulnerability, and a commitment to social responsibility. And as she continues to write her own chapters, one thing’s for sure: Maisie Williams’ story is far from over, and it promises to be just as gripping and inspiring as the one she told in Westeros.

While Maisie Williams has been open about many aspects of her life since Game of Thrones, her dating life remains largely private. It’s understandable, as navigating the public eye in your personal life can be challenging, especially for someone who was thrust into the spotlight at a young age.

We do know that after splitting from her long-term boyfriend Reuben Selby in February 2023, she reportedly joined the celebrity dating app Raya later that year. However, she hasn’t confirmed any new relationships publicly. This suggests that she’s either choosing to keep her romantic life out of the limelight, or simply hasn’t found someone she wants to publicly share that part of her life with yet.

Sophie Turner

Since the fiery curtain fell on Westeros in 2019, Sophie Turner, the former Sansa Stark, has blossomed into a multifaceted artist and a woman embracing life’s twists and turns with courage and grace. Professionally, she’s shed the skin of her regal Game of Thrones persona and embarked on a thrilling journey of exploration, showcasing her depth and talent across diverse roles and platforms.

Sophie Turner has traded Westeros for a diverse Hollywood buffet since Game of Thrones wrapped. She wielded cosmic power as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, battled addiction in the raw drama Heavy, and even voiced a royal in The Prince. On television, she led desperate survivors in Survive, unraveled mysteries in The Staircase, and brought comedic flair to Do Revenge.

But Sophie Turner’s story isn’t just about lights and cameras. She’s an advocate for mental health awareness, openly sharing her own struggles and using her platform to encourage conversation and accessibility to resources.

On a personal note, life hasn’t been without its challenges. After a whirlwind romance and a seemingly picture-perfect wedding in 2019, Turner and singer Joe Jonas announced their separation in 2023. Despite the heartbreak, Turner has emerged stronger, focusing on creating a warm and loving environment for her two daughters.

Vladimir Furdik

Though the chilling reign of the Night King ended with the final season of Game of Thrones in 2019, Slovakian stunt performer and actor Vladimir Furdik’s career has continued to blaze a fascinating trail. Let’s delve into his professional, personal, and (with discretion) romantic pursuits since leaving Westeros behind.

Professionally, Furdik hasn’t limited himself to the shadows. He landed prominent stunt roles in major Hollywood productions like Dampyr, and even lent his expertise as a stunt performer in Skyfall, Furdik’s passion for historical combat shines through in his work as a fight choreographer. He’s brought his expertise to projects like Robin Hood. He’s actively involved in the Slovakian stunt community, sharing his knowledge and inspiring the next generation of action heroes.

Raising his three daughters is Furdik’s top priority. He cherishes spending time with them, fostering a sense of adventure and love for the outdoors. When not on set, Furdik is often exploring new corners of the world, immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes. His Instagram stories frequently feature breathtaking scenery and glimpses of his adventurous spirit.

Romantically, Furdik is married to Denisa Furdíková. His wife is not just a partner, but a confidante, a cheerleader, and the sun that warms his days.

The negative impact the show had on some actors.

The series rose to unparalleled heights of popularity, captivating audiences around the globe and catapulting its cast members into superstardom. However, while the show undeniably opened doors for many actors, it also had a negative impact, albeit temporarily, on the careers of some cast members. Let’s explore the challenges faced by certain GoT cast members post-show, shedding light on how their connection to the iconic series affected their professional prospects.

  1. Jack Gleeson, best known for his portrayal of the sadistic Joffrey Baratheon, experienced firsthand the dark side of sudden fame. While his performance garnered critical acclaim, it also propelled him into an unwanted spotlight. Gleeson, who valued his privacy and a low-key life, struggled with the intrusive nature of celebrity. He openly expressed the toll it took on his enjoyment of acting. However, after nearly a decade of pursuing other endeavors, Gleeson is surprisingly returning to the screen.
  2. Jason Momoa: In a recent interview, he revealed he was “completely in debt” and “starving” for a brief period after leaving Game of Thrones. He attributes this to career uncertainties and the challenges of transitioning from a supporting role to a leading man.
  3. Iwan Rheon: After chilling viewers as Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, Iwan Rheon faced the daunting task of breaking free from the villainous typecasting that threatened to engulf his career. “There’s no other way of looking at it. Because of the magnitude of the show, it did loads for my career. But it brought a lot of barriers as well. All of a sudden, you’re just getting offered lots of parts where they want you to do the same thing,” he shared. Emerging from the darkness, Rheon defied expectations and secured roles that not only expanded his repertoire but also proved his acting prowess beyond the confines of villainy.

In our next act, we unveil the 30 television dramas that have truly stolen our hearts, forever shaping the landscape of storytelling. Get ready for tears, cheers, and the ultimate cliffhanger: who among the GoT Cast will claim the Iron Throne of television history?


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