“He Was Even More Handsome Than I Could Have Imagined,” a Blind Woman Regains Sight and Can Finally See Her Husband

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The love story of Sophia Corah, the hero of our article, seems as if it could be the plot of a movie we’d definitely like to watch. She went from managing a disease that all of a sudden made her blind to defeating it with the love of her life by her side, proving that true feelings can help us overcome anything.

With happiness and joy in our hearts, we at Bright Side want to share Sophia’s story to remind you not to give up on people you love despite any circumstances.

She woke up one day, and her life was never the same.

It was the last day of her freshmen classes, Sophia woke up and felt like something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what exactly. Driving to class, she realized that everything had become blurry. In class, she couldn’t read a thing written on the board or even on a piece of paper in front of her. The sudden panic she found herself in made her question if she was dying.

As it turned out, she had a condition called keratoconus, which caused a drastic decline in her eyesight. “I was hysterical for a couple of weeks and went into a depression for about 8 months as my whole world turned upside down,” shared Sophia.

She met her husband-to-be right at the time she needed him the most.

Despite her condition, Sophia decided not to leave college, however, she transferred to a different one that was closer to her hometown, as she could no longer drive as far. As Sophia explained it, the hardest part of her experience “was being away from my family and support system while dealing with my everyday life changing day by day.” However, whether it was destiny or the universe having her back, Sophia met her now-husband, Christian.

“He really did become my family and support system,” explained Sophia. “I was so moved by how deeply this person I had just met cared for me.”

Both of them were working as resident assistants in college and started their relationships as friends, but Christian had cared for her since the moment they met. “He would walk me around campus, make sure I got lunch, and even do verbal flashcards to help me study,” shared Sophia.

He became her escape from all the terrible things she was going through. “We would go play games at our college, and for a moment, I could forget everything that was happening and just enjoy my time with Christian,” she said.

It was a memorable moment when she saw him for the first time.

Her healing process consisted of trying different sets of contact lenses and 2 surgeries.

The first lenses Sophia used didn’t work long-term, but she was able to see faces for several hours one day. When she saw Christian’s face first, she was fascinated, exploring all the details of it. “He was convinced I thought he was ugly because of my reaction,” Sophia jokes. However, she explained the truth, saying, “He was even more handsome than I could have imagined.”

They were separated for 3 years.

Sophia started her recovery journey away from Christian, and they weren’t able to see each other for 3 years. Neither of them knew if they still had feelings for each other after all this time. However, Sophia decided to profess her feelings and drove 7 hours to see him again. Though she saw pictures of him, she hadn’t seen his face up close since she fully regained her sight.

“Meeting him again was so overwhelming and so nice to properly see his face after so much time,” she shared. “I thought he was so cute and wanted more than anything to be with him forever.”

And they’re living happily ever after.

Sophia confessed her love to Christian, and he revealed that he felt the same way. They got engaged 2 months later and married 6 months after. “We didn’t want to be away from each other any longer,” Sophia said.

Now, they are both working at jobs they enjoy. Sophia keeps advocating for keratoconus, as she sees the importance of people being diagnosed in time and treated properly. They are planning to buy a house and settle down together and “continue to enjoy this life we get to spend together.”

What part of Sophia’s story was the most surprising to you?


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