Hilary Duff ’’Always’’ Knew She Wanted to Start Her Family Young

Hilary Duff, who’s been in the spotlight from a very young age, had a rising career, yet the actress’s biggest dream was to start a family. The 35-year-old recently opened up about her motherhood journey and how she gave birth for the first time at an age that is considered ’’too early’’ in Hollywood.

She needed a break.

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Duff had her first son, Luca Cruz, in 2012 when she was 24. She humorously declared ’’I was a teen mom.’’ She explained that, at the time, she was working hard and touring and she had decided that she needed ’’a serious break’’ after her last tour.

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Hilary explained that as ’’an independent person’’ she wasn’t feeling comfortable being surrounded by people who were ’’taking care’’ of her. She felt the need to take some time off and focus on herself. The rising star’s plan was to stay at home, and get to know who she really was. She noted, thinking to herself, ’’I need to lock myself in my house and like figure out how to take care of myself, feed myself, what I like, what I don’t like."

She found love and became a mom.


Around this period, Duff met her first husband, Mike Comrie. She shared, ’’2 years later, maybe 3 years later, I just felt like really ready to open that chapter of my life.’’ The actress then noted, “I always wanted to be a young parent.”

But even though Duff insists she “always knew” she was "meant to be a mom,’’ her journey wasn’t always so simple.

Being a young single mom wasn’t easy.

Hilary and Mike went their separate ways in early 2014 while their son was still young. Being with ’’a 2-year-old and divorced’’ prevented the actress from creating solid bonds with her peers in the industry.

She explained, ’’It was hard cause I didn’t have any friends that were having kids yet.’’ Having said that, Hilary insisted, ’’But I just like figured it out and loved it. I love being a mom so much.’’

Looking back, the How I Met Your Father actress acknowledges that having Luca at 24 ’’was young, for sure,’’ but she was quick to add, ’’I wouldn’t change it at all.’’

She then proudly shared, ’’And now my son, he’s turning 11 in March."

Her family grew bigger.

Hilary went on to expand her family by having 2 daughters with her second husband Matthew Koma.

She was 31 when she gave birth to the couple’s first child in 2018, and 33 when they welcomed their second baby girl in 2021.

Hilary Duff isn’t the only star who has experienced early motherhood. Kylie Jenner and Sofia Vergara are among many other celebrities who became parents at a younger age.

On the other hand, other famous women had a child after 40 (or later) and are equally satisfied with their decision. You can read about them in our previous articles (here and here).


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