How Jennifer Lopez Is Bonding With Violet Affleck, Who Chose Not To Attend Their Wedding

11 months ago

Jennifer Lopez has taken on a new role in her life as a stepmother to Ben’s children. Despite the now-happy blended family, things with his daughter Violet were not simple at first, which has something to do with the mother, Jennifer Garner.

Ben and Jennifer have created a nurturing blended family


Relationships often make headlines in Hollywood, and celebrity families are no exception. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, once a power couple in the entertainment industry, share three children together: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Their marriage lasted a decade, but like many high-profile unions, it faced challenges and eventually led to a divorce finalized in 2018.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jennifer Lopez, another renowned showbiz figure, has her unique family story. She shares twins with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony: Max and Emme. Emme, in particular, has garnered attention not only for her famous lineage but also for reportedly using they/them pronouns, making a bold and inspiring statement about gender identity.

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As they continue to navigate this path together, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who have just celebrated their 1st year of marriage, prove how love and determination can create a strong and harmonious blended family.

When they first tried to make this work, Jennifer said, “We moved in together, the kids moved in together, so it’s been like a really kind of emotional transition but at the same time, like, all your dreams coming true. It’s just been a phenomenal year. Like, my best year, I think, since my kids were born.”

Taking on the role of a stepparent can be challenging, but both of them put in their best effort, particularly Jennifer, who is now forming a strong bond with her stepchildren. A source claims, “Jennifer has made a big effort to get to know Ben’s kids and welcome them into her home and her life,” the insider reveals. “They have spent much time getting to know each other and letting the kids have fun and bond.”

Violet Affleck was initially not in favor of their marriage

The couple has been seen in public with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s 17-year-old daughter, Violet. The young girl bears a striking resemblance to her mother and shares a special bond with her.

However, when Lopez and Affleck began dating and eventually got married, Violet initially hesitated to fully embrace them. She did not attend the ceremony when the couple tied the knot in 2022.


“Violet stayed home because she’s extremely loyal to her mom,” a source claimed. Thus, wanting to be respectful to her mother, Jennifer Garner, the girl chose not to expose herself and her mother to the public fame around that wedding.

On the flip side, Jennifer Garner also didn’t attend the ceremony, and that’s because Ben Affleck gave her a heads-up about it at the very last minute. As stated, “Ben did tell Jen about the wedding, but I’m told that it was only Friday at the earliest. It was very, very minimally planned in advance and was largely spur-of-the-moment.”

Jennifer and Violet now shares a special bond Image/East News

Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck have strengthened their bond throughout time, showcasing a beautiful connection between the stepmother and stepdaughter. Recently, the duo was spotted stepping out together for a special lunch outing.

With Jennifer’s caring and nurturing nature, she’s been trying to build a strong relationship with Violet since she came into her life as a stepmom. Going out for lunch is just one of the many ways they spend quality time together.

The singer is proving that forming meaningful connections can happen in any family, regardless of how it’s formed, and she’s very happy about her new life as a stepmother. “We are so grateful to have that in abundance, a new wonderful family of five amazing children and a life that we have never had more reason to look forward to.”

Jennifer and Ben have finally discovered their own sense of peace, and a significant factor contributing to their success is the strong bond Jennifer, the singer, has managed to build with Ben’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

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