How Orlando Bloom’s Ex and His Current Wife Became Friends and Turned Into a Blended Family

After divorce, it is essential for ex-partners to maintain a good relationship if they have a child because raising kids together, even after a split, can guarantee their well-being. This is exactly what ex-spouses Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr did, and they took it one step further. Orlando’s current partner Katy Perry has become a good friend to his ex. Check our article to find out more about this cool blended family.

Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr for several years.

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Actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr were once considered one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. They got engaged in 2010 and were married that same year, with their son, Flynn, born the following January. However, just a few years later, Bloom and Kerr announced their separation, finalizing their divorce in 2013.

Orlando Bloom made it clear right after his split with Miranda Kerr that there was no animosity between them. In one of his interviews, the actor said that they would always love each other for the sake of their son and would support each other as parents. The 2 are now considered to be excellent co-parents. Kerr now even refers to Bloom as being “like a brother” and is happy with how things worked out.

Later both found love again.

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After her separation and divorce from Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr married Evan Spiegel, the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, in 2017. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles, and they now have 2 children together.

On the other hand, Orlando Bloom got engaged to singer Katy Perry in 2019 and welcomed a daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, the next year. However, the 2 have not married as of yet. Nevertheless, they remain committed co-parents to their daughter Daisy.

Miranda and Katy have bonded over motherhood.

According to Miranda, she and Katy immediately liked each other. First, Perry and Kerr made their friendshipInstagram official’ during a live stream where both discussed the blessings of motherhood. Since both gave birth in their new relationship and raised Kerr and Orlando’s son, they eventually bonded over motherhood.

For Miranda and Katy, having kids is a pure life joy. “The kids are my number one love. It’s just the best thing in the world, being a mom,” says Kerr, to which Perry adds, “It’s the best job. It’s the most fulfilling.... There was no feeling like the feeling when I had my daughter.”

They support each other in their projects.

Besides modeling, Miranda has her own skincare business called Kora Organics. And Katy is a huge fan of her brand and participates in many PR events dedicated to her cosmetic line. The singer constantly shows support and appreciation to her friend: “One of the great things about being close to Miranda is I get to try out all her products, especially when her son comes home with them in his backpack.”

They serve as a perfect example of a modern blended family.

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Both families don’t mind spending time together, especially when it comes to special occasions. Miranda says they often compromise and try to do what’s best for their whole family. And it seems like the 2 couples are a perfect match for each other: “It’s incredible that [Orlando and I] have been able to find other partners who work really well with us,” Kerr said. “Evan and Orlando really get along just as well as Katy and I, so it’s such a blessing, and it doesn’t need to be any other way. It can be harmonious, and you can be super kind.”

Sources confirm that the women often spend holidays together. They also share parenting tips and have one-on-one girl talks. Katy calls Miranda “love,” adding that “love comes in many family iterations.” She refers to her as a sister and is happy to have a family with her: “I’m so grateful for our modern blended family. It’s like I gained another sister, one with whom I usually sidebar from the main family chat and agree with.”

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