How “Shrek” Characters Would Look If They Were Human

3 years ago

When cartoon designers use animals or other creatures to give life to their characters, they grant them so much personality that it’s inevitable to see them as human-like beings. So much so, that it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine them as our next-door neighbors (which cartoon character would you pick as your neighbor?). But what would they look like if they were actually human?

Bright Side thought about this, and today, our illustrators gave us an amazing artistic answer. This is what they think the characters from Shrek would look like if they were human. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

1. Wolf

2. The 3 Little Pigs

3. The 3 Blind Mice

4. Pinocchio

5. Dragon

6. The Dronkeys

7. Suzy

8. Humpy Dumpty

9. The Gingerbread Man

10. Farkle

11. Fergus

12. Felicia

13. Puss in Boots

14. Donkey

15. Fiona

16. Shrek

Who is your favorite character from Shrek? Would you like to find out what you would look like if you were part of the Shrek universe? Upload a photo in the comments and we may include it in our next illustrated transformations article!


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