“I Am Not the Sugar Mommy,” Colombian Actress Decides to Marry Boyfriend Who Is 30 Years Younger

7 months ago

Indeed, love knows no barriers. The actress Alina Lozano (54) and her boyfriend Jim Velásquez (23) are planning a wedding. The Colombian actress decided to give herself a new opportunity with her boyfriend, despite their age difference of 30 years.

Alina says she met her partner at the perfect time.

The happy couple, who have been together for more than a year, revealed the intimacies of the beginning of their love on a television program. As a result, Alina has been criticized for the difference in age and her love story with the man who will be her husband.

“I feel in the best moment of my life. Suddenly if I had met him 10 years earlier, 15 years earlier, I don’t think this relationship would have been possible... And I would have 10 love, it wouldn’t be possible either,” Alina revealed.

Jim admitted he saw Alina in a movie when he was a kid.

Young influencer Jim asked Alina to marry him on a TV program, confessing that since he saw her in “Pedro el Escamoso” when he was just a baby, he knew that she was the love of his life.

“Alina, I grew up watching you, when I was one year old, my mom called me Pedro el Escamoso and from that moment I knew that you were the woman of my life, then I already verified it and that’s why I want you to accompany me for the rest of my days...”, said the lover on his knees on a flat live broadcast and that is when he asks the famous actress to marry him.

The couple is preparing for a wedding now.

Earlier, Alina Lozano and Jim Velásquez together shared the video invitation for their official wedding on their Instagram profiles. In the video, Alina is showcased in her wedding dress and veil, while Jim is attired in a suit comprising a wine-colored jacket and black pants.

“Love is a journey, and our adventure begins on our wedding day,” they wrote in the description.

Despite the criticism, both are very happy.

“I have a relationship with Jim because he is a self-sufficient man, because I am not the sugar mommy, I do not support Jim, he first came with this model of work in the networks and already earning his money, he also works as a professional actor; so we make a team chévere and a beautiful team in life and in love,” Alina says.

Jim also doesn’t hesitate to make it clear that he believes in love. “I am a faithful believer in love and I feel that when you find it you don’t have to let it go.”

Given that the acceptability of an age gap between two partners is subjective and discussions on the matter can be endless, society has created a rule to establish a boundary. The “half-your-age-plus-seven” rule determines the minimum acceptable age for a dating partner.


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