20 Times When People Had to Deal With Bitter Mishaps That Ruined Their Day

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They say life is like a zebra. There are white and black stripes in it, but the problem is that the black stripes tend to appear in our lives quite unexpectedly. We’ve put together photos from people who would definitely prefer to be notified beforehand that the day ahead won’t bring them any good news.

1. “Now I know that you should clean ice chunks off the top of your car, or you’ll end up like this.”

2. “My wedding tux pants ripped 45 minutes before the ceremony.”

3. “A repair man ’fixed’ the leaking problem and gave us the go-ahead to use the oven.”

4. “My car was parked at my in-laws’ for a few months, found this in the trunk.”

5. “A woman tried to hold the doors with her dinner in her hands. She missed the train, but her dinner didn’t.”

6. “My cat threw a perfume bottle on my toilet and broke the lid.”

7. “I pre-cooked a meal for 3 nights, let it cool, and then found these eggs before storing it.”

8. “I sobbed pretty loudly in the shower.”

9. Does anyone know whose idea it was to use stickers on goods that will never come off?

10. A brand new tire got a brand new piercing.

11. It’s best to be more specific when you wish for “some adventure” during your vacation.

12. “The steel cap fell out of my boot and I’m too broke for a new pair.”

13. “I just received my new swimsuit from an online store. No returns accepted.”

14. As they say: a clean car will find dirt faster than a pig will find truffles.

15. “Found some mold inside my sealed can of mushrooms.”

16. “The burger I ordered (and couldn’t eat) from a highly rated dive joint”

17. “My tree at 7 p.m. vs my tree at 7 a.m.”

18. “I spilled my cable clips. There are 6 different sizes of each color.”

19. “I got the TV mounted in my new house. Looks like we broke something in transit.”

20. “Thanks, lime tree!”

Preview photo credit Toucan_Simone / Reddit


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