15 People Who Really Know What a Bad Day Is

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While most of us have the occasional bad day when nothing seems to go right for us, some people have an ability to find trouble no matter what. But the string of bad luck often provides these people with an uncanny ability to turn even the worst of situations into something to laugh at. These 15 people were certainly not having their favorite day, but chose to share it with us for a chuckle.

1. “The moment I fell out of the raft and no one noticed”

2. “The lid shattered just as I finished rice for a dinner party — how?”

3. “Before and after my usual barber asked if I wanted ’enhancements’”

4. “Waited a little too long to take the canoe out of the water.”

5. “Our dog scared our cat, which jumped on and off the table, pushing our 1000-piece puzzle off.”

6. “I thought I was so smart for keeping a cover on my toothbrush at all times.”

7. “Made brownies, and this is what was left for me, neatly covered in foil on top of the fridge (where we keep the good stuff so the kids and dog can’t get it).”

8. “My wife said she heard a noise in the laundry room.”

9. “Added the birthday candles while the brownies were still warm and they melted, ruining the whole dish.”

10. “Right before I left the trampoline park, I put my blue shoes back on. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I didn’t wear my blue shoes to the trampoline park.”

11. “Found a live spider in my unopened queso after breaking the seal.”

12. “So I let my buddy start the grill up, and I walked out to this.”

13. “Finally got allergy testing at 28 years old. This explains a lot.”

14. “Had to deal with this for the entire flight. Blech, stinky.”

15. “Got a burrito at work and leaned over to pick my can of paint up and Aspen snatched a bite.”

What’s the worst day you’ve had, and how did you deal with it? Share your story with us in the comments!

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