17 Photos That Show You Can Predict Anything but Kids

Children are one of life’s greatest gifts, but as a parent, this comes with a big responsibility. As we raise our children, we realize that no book can prepare us for the unpredictable. From funny anecdotes to moments that put our hearts on edge, children always teach us something different every day. Here are some moments that any parent can relate to.

1. “Our boy locked himself in the bathroom.”

2. “That smirking face! So proud of her work.”

3. “I tried turning on the TV and it wouldn’t turn on. I opened the remote and found this.”

4. “A picture of me when I was 9 or 10...”

5. “First thing he does...”

6. “Kids cutting brownies”

7. “My kid might be a genius. Now I want one.”

8. “My kid wanted to be festive while maintaining a sense of privacy.”

9. “We decided to invite all the kids to our wedding and they gave us amazing moments like this!”

10. “My kid decided that he wanted pepperoni pancakes.”

11. “My kid wanted to be a campfire.”

12. “My son doesn’t like yogurt apparently.”

13. “When you can’t sit in your chair because the babies just finished their dinner and need their sleep.”

14. “My son’s ice cream top experience”

15. “The kid was swimming in Target!”

16. “My son after tearing through the living room and running out of toys”

17. This new way of eating

Preview photo credit ***eandcheeseyespls / Reddit


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