19 Pics That Prove the Bond Between Humans and Animals Is Stronger Than Super Glue

2 years ago

A giant needy wolf that loves human hugs, a clingy bird that follows you wherever you go, or even a sense of gratitude from a dog being rescued and sent to its forever home — all animals are capable of feeling the love humans can give, and the bond that is born from it is unbreakable.

Bright Side loves to see how animals and humans can be just like 2 peas in a pod, and we gathered the most tender pics of this kind of friendship.

1. “Somebody got a birthday kitten with a side of pure love.”

2. “He was worried that the dog was getting too hot.”

3. From baby to giant, they’re always together.

4. “Today’s my wife’s due date. I think our cat knows.”

5. “Adopted our first family puppy today. Found my 2-year-old like this.”

6. “Rescued this 8-month-old doofus a week ago. Something tells me he’s happy to be home.”

7. “My favorite pic of my boy when he was a pup, he still likes to sit and have morning coffee with me.”

8. “I’m a dad, level 2.”

9. “Today was the first time Milly asked to be on my shoulder since she was sick. It’s so nice to have her home and feeling better.”

10. “My little brother took my phone just to take this pic. I think they’re getting along very well.”

11. “I’ve never loved an animal so much. She’s the best girl.”

12. “We adopted a bird in March, and it was neglected and very aggressive. I just walked in on my husband and him like this...”

13. “Took my wolf-obsessed friend to a sanctuary. Here he is, bonding with his favorite animal.”

14. “And so the bond begins.”

15. “Willow, my pet rat, only has a few days left. I won’t deny her this privilege.”

16. “The best picture I’ve ever taken of my husband and cat”

17. “After a hard day at work, my dad always picks up my dog and sits quietly with her for ages.”

18. “An exhausted stray, knowing she’s found a home”

19. “They wait for the bus together every morning.”

Do you also have a pet best friend? Share a photo of both of you with us! We’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit peeweemax / reddit


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