13 Vivid Examples That Prove Life With Kids Is Not for the Fainthearted

Parenthood is no easy feat. In fact, kids have been found to get less tired during high-intensity exercise than untrained adults. That’s why they can easily turn our patience and calmness into mush. And some parents even manage to capture this undeniable truth to show the world what the process of raising children really looks like.

Bright Side invites you to check out what these tiny people are capable of. We are sure that these families have completely forgotten about the notion of boredom.


12. “It’s not enough to just sit here, I need to become the sand myself.”


10. “Who wouldn’t love this? I used to run around the house thinking I was a giant tooth.”

9. One more reason to get suspicious when your toddler becomes quiet for a little while:

8. This is what happens if you decide to ask your kid to help with the laundry:

7. Seriously? We doubt it.

6. When you decide to track how many times your kid asks “Why?” during a normal day:

5. “I came home to this... I turned around and walked the other way.”

4. When you get distracted for a second:

3. “Mommy, we’ve got a small problem.”


1. “My son found my morph suit and it’s terrifying.”

Do you have kids? Tell us about the trouble they have gotten themselves into.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Unknown / Reddit


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Tha face of a kid in #3 is priceles.. :D
How can you be angry at him?


A dad from a girl for #8 can wait when she grows older and do the same with her car :DD


I think kids from #11 just wanted to cook soemthing! C'mon mom! ?


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