20 Pictures That Prove Some Parents Are Having a Worse Day Than You

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2 years ago

Being a parent can be like a rollercoaster: one minute it’s all laughs and giggles, but leave them alone for a few seconds and you have a baby covered in powder. As adults, we cannot fathom a child’s logic as to why they buried your AirPods in the backyard or “decorated” your car with scratches. These kids keep us on our toes, and all of the drama makes for a good laugh later once you’ve cooled down.

Bright Side has decided to share some of the most humorous and entertaining photos that perfectly sum up parenthood for many of us.

1. “Silence is golden. But when you have kids, silence is suspicious.”

2. “The neighbor’s kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look ’cute.’”

3. “AirPods went missing...turns out my kid buried them in the backyard.”

4. “One of the kids bedazzled my stockpot. Thankfully, the heat helped get the adhesive off.”

5. “’Children’s horseplay’ — found that at my grocery store.”

The writing says:
Children’s horseplay
Ordered replacement, American engineering

6. “Toddler, Sharpie, sleeping husband”

7. “Help! My kid destroyed my monstera and ripped all of the leaves off.”

8. “Went to bed last night and almost had a heart attack. The child insisted she had to print something for school. LIAR.”

9. “My children are animals.”

10. “My niece found some scissors today.”

11. “My brother ripped off the handle by accident. This should be fun.”

12. “My daughter drew me a picture. Yes, that is a house fire. And yes, those are human souls floating above.”

13. “Apparently this is how a 5-year-old opens a new loaf of bread.”

14. “I was starting a fire and heard my youngest saying he was stuck. This is how I found him.”

15. “I had to take a shirt to my son’s (kindergarten) school.”

“The girl he sat next to on the bus brought homemade ’slime’ and the container opened. It’s also picture day.”

16. “Fingertips were stomped on by a 3-year-old.”

17. “A letter I apparently wrote to my mother in kindergarten: ’IT IS NOT PEE.’”

The letter says:
Dir (Dear) Mom my bed is wet but it is not pee.
For Mom from Megan

18. “Yesterday we couldn’t find my brother’s phone, and today we found it.”

19. “We cleaned out our daughter’s room today and found a tin full of dice.”

“All of our games have their dice so I have no clue from who and when these were ’collected.’”

20. “Found this in the game room, compliments of my 5-year-old.”

What is the most mind-bending thing you’ve seen a child do? What kind of pranks would you or your siblings pull?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit Omo Kiikan / Twitter.com


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