“I Am Wearing the Largest Size,” a Curvy Woman Shares Her Struggle to Find Clothes That Fit and Flatter

8 months ago

Ah, summer — the sun, the beach, the al fresco happy hours. It’s the season of bliss, but for plus-size women, swimsuit shopping can turn this joyous time into a stressful experience akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Enter Sonny Turner, a plus-size blogger turned model, who vented her frustration on Instagram after attempting to find a decent bikini at a popular high street store. Her story resonated with women everywhere, highlighting the struggles faced by curvier figures when it comes to swimwear.

“High street store bikinis do not cater [to] women of my body type. Majority of online stores don’t either. NO ONE GETS IT, so for any upcoming designers I got [s]ome tips for you,” she shared.

Turner went on to list a few must-haves for plus-size ladies in their swimwear. She emphasized the importance of having underwire for that much-needed support, cups that match bra sizes, and extend beyond a DD, and bikini bottoms that won’t cause discomfort while walking.

She totally vented her frustration about the limited fashionable yet budget-friendly bikini choices for plus-size women. Her message came across loud and clear—in all caps, no less!

“We deserve more choice[s] for our body type that isn’t just the generic black swimsuit with a kimono, yes, believe it or not, some of us actually want a thong bikini. The whole selection doesn’t have to be high-waisted... It’s not fair that we can’t wear cute swimwear just because we are built differently. We deserve to walk into a store and pay $10 for a nice bikini without breaking the bank and our body confidence.”

Turner’s call to action was clear: plus-size women deserve swimsuits that offer comfort, style, and support without creating a dent in their wallets. Her message, filled with both frustration and hope, outlined the essentials every curvy figure yearns for in swimwear — underwire for support, cups designed for various bra sizes (can we please go beyond DD?), and bikini bottoms that don’t engage in an uncomfortable wedgie tango with every step.

The response was swift and overwhelming, with Turner’s post resonating deeply with women worldwide. In less than a day, her message garnered over 12,000 likes and 500 comments. It’s a testament to the shared experiences of women who have faced the daunting task of swimsuit shopping, a ritual that often feels more like a battle.

At its core, Turner’s message is a powerful call for body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. It’s a reminder that beauty knows no size, and every woman, regardless of her shape or size, deserves to feel confident and fabulous in her swimwear. The rallying cry is simple yet profound: the fashion world needs to embrace body diversity, providing stylish, affordable options for every body type.

In a world full of crazy beauty standards, embracing your curves is seriously empowering! We’re here to cheer on curvy women as they rock their confidence and style. But guess what? It’s not just about looks—it’s about the whole package! Get ready for some awesome stories about love, confidence, and the magnetic charm that curvy women bring to the table. Trust us, you’re in for a heartwarming ride!

Preview photo credit sonnyturner___ / Instagram


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