I Told My DIL to Get Out of My House for Calling Me Lazy, and Now My Son Is Angry With Me

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6 months ago

Being a housewife is often thought of as easy, but it’s actually a complex and demanding job. It goes beyond tasks like cleaning, cooking, budgeting, and childcare. Even though the tasks housewives do are important, some people disrespect them and don’t recognize their contributions. One woman shared her story to talk about the challenges she faces and how people often don’t appreciate her work as a housewife.

What happened

“I am a housewife now, I was a stay at home mom when my kids were young and now that everyone is out of the home I am a housewife. The moment I met Beth, she has had a problem with me.
The first time I met her and I told her I am a homemaker, she told me that’s not a job and it’s lazy of me. I met her 30 minutes before that. It comes up all the time. They come over for dinner and I mention I am tired and she will tell me I don’t work so how am I tired.”

“I have talked to her and my son before. My husband and I have concluded that she is jealous. It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point. I have told her if it happens again I will ask her to leave and the comments stopped for a bit. They were over for a dinner party and I was talking about how I made the pie for tonight. Beth made a comment that of course I had enough time since I don’t work.”

“I had enough and told her I had enough. I get that she is jealous of me since she has to work but she needs to get out and she is not welcome back. My son was angry with me for kicking them out. Not working doesn’t equal lazy. I get up, do all the chores, take care of all the paperwork, go to the gym, take the dogs out, make homemade meals everyday, volunteer and so on. The home is spotless and my husband doesn’t have to worry about anything that isn’t work related.”

Many people agree that being a housewife is a hard job.

  • Regardless of your life choices and if she is jealous or not, she is showing you disrespect. You don’t have to interact with people that don’t show you respect, so your reaction is quite reasonable. atealein / Reddit
  • Her behavior is totally unacceptable, she is rude and a bad guest. You are not obligated to offer your hospitality, not to mention your food that you are paying for, to someone who isn’t respecting you. saucisse / Reddit
  • You have an arrangement with your husband, and it works out for the two of you. Why does everybody think we all need to put in 10 hour day? I’m so happy that you get to enjoy your life with less stress. woodland_dweller / Reddit

But some didn’t agree with the author.

  • She’s not jealous of your decision to be a housewife. She thinks you’re uneducated and unskilled. She disrespected you because she has no respect for your choices and your lifestyle. oh***notthisagain / Reddit
  • She’s not jealous of you, she is judging you. She thinks you have a major character flaw. I’m assuming she thinks that people with good work ethic have a job (or parent small children) in addition to walking their dog / cleaning their house / going to the gym / cooking meals. Since you’re not doing this, your DIL is less than impressed. loesjedaisy / Reddit
  • If you’re not working you’re going to have to deal with some people that think you’re lazy. It’s also funny that you listed your duties. We all do that, and we work. p***booksmarks / Reddit

Running a home and raising kids is tough, but kids can make life joyful. When your child has a sense of humor, family life gets interesting. Let them use their imaginations and enjoy the fun they create.

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