I Want to Break Up With the Guy I’m Dating Because of the Way He Behaves in the Stores

2 months ago

A young woman has recently taken to one of the Reddit’s communities to share her concerns about her relationship. Her post resonated with many people. The OP explained that she’s quite satisfied with her current partner, and he checked all her boxes, but there’s one thing that spoils the whole relationship. The woman opened up about her boyfriend’s annoying behavior in the stores, and asked other users for a piece of advice if she really has to break up with the guy because of this.

A woman turned to Reddit and spoke about her inner conflict.

A woman came to Reddit with a problem that she wanted other users to help her to solve. She wrote, «We have only been dating for around a month and everything’s great except for the cart thing. We have gone to a few stores together, and I have noticed that when we are done, he will leave the cart in the middle of another parking spot.»

The woman also pointed out that her boyfriend’s reaction to her concerns is not something that she really expected.

She explained, «He refuses to put it away and gets upset if I decide to go put it away. He says, ’That’s the cart people’s job,’ but like, you’re taking up a parking spot by putting your cart there. It’s so annoying to me and I don’t understand why because other than this issue, he checks all my other boxes. He also isn’t rude to service workers, but he seems to have a personal vendetta against shopping carts.»

The woman thinks her partner’s behavior is a real red flag.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «There was one time this past weekend where we went out, and we parked right next to the vestibule, and he refused to put the cart back there and then sulked when I did it. My friends are telling me I’m being irrational, but like, what did shopping carts ever do to him, and why is he so against putting them back? I don’t know why it’s annoying me so much, but it is.»

She made a remark about her feelings, saying, «I didn’t expect the response to my post. I was just venting because this cart thing has been something that’s been bothering me about this guy and I just don’t know why I can’t let it go. I asked him today why he leaves the cart in a parking lot, and he said, ’By leaving the cart there, I’m making sure the cart people work hard. If you put a cart back, then you’re doing their job for them, and no one should get a free pass.’»

The woman explained why the cart thing is so vital for her in their relationship.

The woman went on with the explanation of her reaction and her concerns about the cart thing. She wrote, «I said as someone who worked retail when I was younger, it’s usually just employees from the store and not designated people. Also, the carts could block someone from parking or even hit someone’s car or a person, depending on the weather.»

But her boyfriend has his own opinion about the issue. The woman explained, «He said, ’Well, if the cart people are doing their job, then that shouldn’t happen. These accidents happening are evidence that some of the cart people are slacking off.’ I asked him why he doesn’t have this view towards other service workers, and he said, ’Because you see them working hard. At a restaurant, the server is serving you or the cashier is ringing you up. You don’t know that about the cart people.’»

It all came to the point when the woman just couldn’t stay in this relationship anymore. She revealed, «He then after this insane response tried to set up another date. I declined, and said we are incompatible and should probably see other people because I don’t agree with his view of service workers and that it is not his job to make sure strangers are doing their job. He is saying I’m being dramatic and that he will talk to me tomorrow.
I’m not fearful of my life or worried in any way. Though his views are absurd, it was a very calm conversation. So it’s done and that’s it. Also, I don’t know why he persistently called them ’cart people’.»

People of Reddit delivered some nice opinions of theirs in the comments.

One person supported the woman, saying, «Sometimes how people act for the small things that seem inconsequential is a precursor of things to come. Trust your gut.»

Another person added, «Another to add to this as being a red flag and evidence of something far deeper and more concerning possibly being there.
There is no law about returning shopping carts. There is no penalty for not doing so, unless it is a coin one. Returning one’s cart is an action that does no immediate reward for the individual, but does help others out. It is about the smallest possible selfless act.
And there are people who can’t even do this tiny thing. To me, it puts me on notice that they are self-serving, arrogant and have little regard or awareness of the implications of their actions on others.»

And the third person mentioned, «I was wondering if she was being a little dramatic at first, then read that he sulked after she put the buggy where it actually goes. That’s a red flag and makes him look immature and like he has some weird sense of entitlement. I’d be paying a lot more attention to his behavior after that.»

And here’s yet another life dilemma in a relationship between a woman and her pregnant daughter, who lives rent-free in her house and has 6 kids.


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