If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person

10 months ago

Theoretically speaking, all of our experiences make us stronger and better people. Being optimistic, taking control of your own life and not feeling sorry for yourself are only some of the characteristics that we should work on. Do you think you have any of those? Bright Side brings you characteristics of a mentally strong person according to Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and expert in mental strength.

1. You know how to keep emotions and logic in balance

It’s not about whether you’re ruled by your emotions or good sense. It’s about knowing how to keep balance of both, to see clearly when emotions prevail over logic in the decision-making process. If you’re mentally strong, you know how to balance both things.

2. You spend your time productively

One may have a thousand excuses for not getting the job done. But mentally strong people focus on what they really want and avoid wasting their time on unproductive activities.

3. You trust your ability to adapt to changes

Life is constantly changing, and sometimes it’s difficult to adapt to new circumstances. Most people just try to resist those changes, but mentally strong people focus on coping with a fast-changing reality.

4. You face the fears that hold you back

Most people avoid their fears; some people attempt to face their fears only to look good in front of others. But mentally strong people have nothing to prove. They confront and overcome the fears that prevent them from being a better version of themselves.

5. You learn from your mistakes

Mentally strong people don’t try to justify their actions or hide their mistakes from others. They learn from their mistakes and hope to become better.

6. You find a balance between who you are and who you want to be

If you’re a mentally strong person you may accept who you are at the moment, but you never stop working to become a better person.

7. You celebrate other people’s success

Being mentally strong means knowing how to cooperate. The success of others never makes you feel jealous. On the contrary, mentally strong people know how to celebrate other people’s happiness and success.

8. You live and make decisions according to your values

If you live according to your values and you understand your priorities, you never have trouble making a decision. This ability makes people mentally strong.

9. You care about improving your skills rather than showing them off

In general, people tend to seek approval from others. But mentally strong people focus on improving their skills without seeking recognition.

10. You live an authentic life

Mentally strong people are honest with themselves. Their actions never contradict their words.

11. You value who you are, not what you’ve achieved

Mentally strong people place true value in who they are, not what they have. So they don’t really care if they win or lose.

12. You know that a triumph is worth waiting for

Mentally strong people know how to wait for their rewards; they know it may take a long time for fruits to ripen. Plus, impatience only makes us weak, doesn’t it?

13. You’re responsible for your actions

Mental strength doesn’t guarantee that you won’t make mistakes at all. You will, but the main thing is to learn from them and move on.

14. You see difficulties as opportunities

Every obstacle and every problem you face is just another opportunity for you to grow. People usually get irritated by difficulties, but mentally strong people accept challenges and become better.

15. You’re grateful

Instead of wanting more, mentally strong people believe that they have more than they need and they know how to be thankful for it.

16. You focus on what you know and do best

Those who are mentally strong are effective and successful in life because they dedicate their time, efforts, and resources to what they do best.

17. You get back up after you fall down

For mentally strong people, failure is not the end of the road but the beginning of it. They believe that the road they’ve chosen will eventually lead them to success.

18. You are a realistic optimist

Mentally strong people are hands down optimistic. When they face obstacles, they hope for the best, but at the same time they always keep both feet on the ground.

19. You work on your weaknesses

People tend to hide their vulnerabilities. But mentally strong people are not afraid to face their biggest weaknesses and work on them.

20. You don’t squabble over trifles

It’s only natural to strive for perfection, yet a mentally strong person knows it’s no use losing your temper over tiny faults — especially those of other people.

21. You’re ready to solve problems

You can complain about your problems and keep making a big deal out of little things. Or you can start to solve problems, as mentally strong people do.

22. You’re always ready to learn

A new day, a new person, or a new experience is just another opportunity to learn something. No matter what life throws at them, mentally strong people are always eager to learn.

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