I’m an Extremely Tall Woman — Dating for Me Is Almost Impossible

7 months ago

An exceptionally tall woman might struggle with everyday things most people don’t find difficult. Marie Temara went viral for sharing her everyday life being the ’shortest person in a family of giants’. She also opened up about her difficulties with finding someone to date as a very tall woman.

Marie Temara comes from an exceptionally tall family, which made her go viral on TikTok.

After successfully persuading her family to join her in creating TikTok content, Marie Temara observed a growing interest from viewers in their daily lives. Now, Temara’s TikTok account has more than 2 million followers. “I realized that our normal everyday family life is something really interesting to most people, so we started making more family TikToks, and they all started pretty much going viral,” the woman said.

Her skits show what everyday life is like as a really tall person.

Standing at 6’2″ and being the shortest member of her very tall family made Temara experience life from a different perspective. Sadly, she wasn’t always very confident about her body, and she used to be teased about her height when she was younger. “Kids would pick on me and call me a man or a house because I was taller and heavier than most of the male teachers,” she revealed.

But now at 28 years old, Marie Temara is no longer self-conscious, and proudly shows her TikTok followers what life looks like from a very tall woman’s perspective. From not fitting into showers, to easily touching the ceiling and the fan, Temara puts a humorous twist on her popular videos.

Temara also struggles with dating, as most men she meets are shorter than her.

Dating is just another aspect of life Temara had to struggle with as an exceptionally tall woman. “I will admit it is extremely difficult to find a guy taller than me. Dating at my height is almost impossible because it is so limited,” she opened up in an interview. “One guy I went on a date with said he was 6’5 on his online dating profile, but when I met up with him, he was at most 5’11.”

Despite her struggles, Marie Temara remains confident and hopeful about finding love.

However, recently Marie Temara decided to broaden her dating pool and give ’short kings’ a chance too. Temara’s mom is also taller than her dad, which gives the woman hope that the right guy wouldn’t care about her being taller than him. “I hope to change the dating stigma that ’men have to be the taller ones in the relationship’ because height shouldn’t matter.”

Many celebrities also agree that love doesn’t care about height differences. The likes of Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron have all dated men who were shorter than them.


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